12 Minute Full Body Workout – Level Up Beginners and Intermediate

hey guys and welcome back to another partner workout today we are doing a full body workout now this is one of my absolute favorites because it's bringing in some of those pilates exercises that i've been doing to help really tighten and tone my body so remember if you want to follow along with me i'll be doing the beginners and some modifications ellie here will be doing more of the intermediate advanced ones but don't worry these exercises are all really great to do they're slow paced but they really get into those muscles okay guys so to begin what we're going to do is we're going to come down into a squat position with our arms out to the side and as you come up you're going to bring those arms up with you so this is going to be nice and controlled nice and slow but make sure that you're going as low as you can with that squat and those arms are coming up as you raise yourself keep everything nice and tight breathe there so inhale as you go down exhale as you come up [Music] fantastic work guys for the next move all you guys are going to do is go into a standing deadlift so basically what we're doing is we're just kicking our legs back and coming back up so you want to keep the leg back arms go forward and then come back to a neutral position now with this move as you can see we're alternating each leg ellie will be going a lot more forward than i am doing her leg is kicking back completely i on the other hand and keeping more of a neutral position leaning my chest forward ever so slightly and just bringing my leg back and lifting it off of the floor a tiny bit so again with this move guys you want to make sure that you're keeping everything engaged the core nice and sucked in you're breathing and just go as far forward and bring those legs back that is comfortable for you make sure you're really squeezing those glutes as you kick back and bring it back to the center excellent job guys we're going to go into the next move now which is going to be a side lunge which is going to have a leg leaf and we're going to alternate between so all you're going to do is stand in a neutral position with your legs slightly apart tuck everything in come down and all you're going to do is slightly move to the side to a side lunge and lift that leg off of the floor there we go so this move is nice and challenging on your balance it's going to help to engage the obliques and it's really helping to target those legs and glutes that's it guys so neutral slide across up excellent work this is a nice and slow controlled movement you want to make sure that you're really lifting that foot off of the floor and now you're just going to come down and do some simple plie squats so you want your feet to be wide apart almost in a sumo squat position and you want to come down and up so if you're following along with ellie you're dropping down as far as you can to the floor if you follow along with me we'll just bend you down ever so slightly keep breathing through guys [Music] excellent job now what we're going to do is we're going to take it down onto the floor and the first move we're going into is going to be on all fours on the mat so i want your hands and feet on the floor so the first thing that we're going into is just a single leg kickback so we're gonna go up down up down again make sure everything is controlled here guys you're lifting that leg just as high as you can so if you're following along with me what we're doing is we're keeping it neutral with our body if you're following along with ellie ellie's lifting her legs slightly higher than i am and she's really helping to engage those glute muscles exhale suck that core in foot back and let's lift the next one up and down [Music] excellent work guys just come back onto your knees take a breather and we're going to go into the next move which is going to be superman let's go back onto all fours now and for the next move like i said it's superman's but what we're going to do is we're going to hold so one arm out the opposite leg will be going back lift it up and we're going to hold here for a few seconds again this is challenging because it's challenging your stability you've got to hold that core in the legs and the arms are out so we're working everything here bring it back down nice and slowly guys inhale exhale suck everything in same leg kick it back same arm hold here [Music] bring it down nice and slow one more time same side guys exhale out suck in kick the leg and the arm up and hold keep smiling through [Music] excellent bring it down take a breather come back [Music] and now we're going to repeat that again on the other side exercise so let's come back to all fours remember this is the opposite arm and leg now so suck in bring the leg and the arm up and hold [Music] and bring it down guys breathe exhale suck that core in [Music] kick the leg back and the arm up fabulous work [Music] bring it down breathe [Music] exhale suck that core end kick the leg in the arm and hold [Music] excellent job come back and take a breather so the next move guys that you're going into is going to be floor work again but you're going to be on the side facing me so pick whatever side you'd like that's most comfortable for you to begin [Music] so with this move your arm is going to be straight out you're going to be relaxing your head on your arm make sure there is a gap in between your obliques and your waist and the floor so i want you to come up so it's active all you're going to be doing is a simple leg lift here so feet pointed or flexed whatever you want and just lift that leg up and down nice and controlled make sure your core is engaged keep it sucked [Music] in [Music] keep it there guys and now circle back [Music] and bring it down relax excellent job just take a couple of breaths here and then we're going to engage everything all over again and we're going to go back to those leg lifts up and down [Music] concentrate here guys make sure that you're keeping that core engaged you're not wobbling the hips [Music] and now make sure to do those circles take it back nice and controlled toes pointed all flexed [Music] excellent job and relax so now i want you guys to just slowly come up and let's switch sides straight away calm down nice and gently guys same thing on the floor arms out straight feet together keep that oblique engaged and then you want to kick that leg up and down [Music] hold it there guys and now go into those circles [Music] excellent feet down relax the body relax your stomach [Music] and let's engage one more time and repeat that all over again so caught up engaged sucked in and those legs are coming up and down that's it [Music] and now for those circles keep those toes pointed all flexed nice and controlled without the hips moving [Music] and relax now you have one final move to do guys which is one of my new favorites and i call it the pretzel lift so what you're going to do is your legs if one is going to be in front

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