15 min HIIT workout to BURN Calories | 3 week weight loss challenge

We have a 15-minute HIIT workout today! You'll sweat a lot, but it will be fun. Now you are not alone in your fitness journey. Join the rest of the community on Instagram, YouTube, or Discord if you need enthusiasm or support. As always, the full three-week schedule is on the website. Click like, leave me comments, subscribe and turn on notifications, and let's get started! We have four sets, with 32 exercises in this 15-minute workout. 20 to 30 seconds of exercise and 10 to 20 seconds of rest. Let's start with the squat ring exercise. Squat down, draw a loop of your hands under your thighs, then come back up and repeat on the other leg. Make sure your back is kept straight, and your abdominal muscles and glutes are engaged. No rest here! We'll go straight to kicking butt. Kick your feet up, toward your butt. Let's pick up the pace here to get our heart rate up. And we have access and lang. Do a lange, jump to the center, then repeat on the other side. Make sure your front knee does not pass through your toes. And for low impact, just don't jump. We'll be back here kicking butt again. We have six more exercises before we finish the first set. Each set is nice and short, so keep going. Now stand upright, with your feet shoulder-width apart, with one hand extended up by your side, then cut down as you squat, jump again and repeat. For low impact, just don't jump! We've got our butt kicked again! Make sure you raise your heels very high. Keep it up guys! Let's move on to raising the knees! Raise your knees to the level of your hips, as quickly as you can. For low impact, just take it nice and easy. Next we have side jumps. Extend one leg out to the side, while raising your hands up, keeping them straight and repeat on the other side, then do two jumping jacks and repeat. Only three exercises, and we'll have a chance to rest, guys! Next, we have lang and hop. Start with a plank, then jump back to center, then repeat on the other side. Make sure your front knee does not pass through your toes. For low impact, just leave the jump. The last exercise for this group, guys! You are capable! We have 30 seconds of langs. Make sure you push yourself up from your front heel, and use your back leg to support yourself. Let's do this. Great job guys! Rest here for 15 seconds. Or pause the video if you need a long break. We will start set 2 with reaching into a squat. Squat down as low as possible. Make sure your back is kept straight, your glutes are engaged, and touch the floor with your toes if you can. Then jump back and return to your feet. For low impact, just leave the jump. Next we have cross jumps. Spread your arms like this, keeping them straight. Then jump and cross your legs and arms as before. Without any chance of rest, just eight more exercises. And all the exercises are nice and easy, so don't give up now. Keep going! Next we have the low kicks. Try to increase your speed here and make sure you move your arms as well. Keep it up guys! And we have cross jumps again. It's not difficult at all, we just enjoy working out here. I continue! Next, we have sliders. Jump to one side, balance yourself on your other leg, then jump to the other side. Make sure your back is kept straight and you are engaging your abdominal muscles here. Only leave the jump for low impact or if you feel tired. It's totally okay! And our butt kicks again. Only three more exercises, and that's set two. And we have Snowboard squats. Squat low, then jump approximately 180 degrees to the other side, and squat again. Make sure you engage your glutes. The first and second sets are the hardest, and we're almost done. Don't give up now. Next, we have the knee raises. Raise your arms overhead, one arm at a time, while touching your opposite knee with one hand. You should be able to catch your breath here, so do it well and make sure you engage your abdominal muscles and keep your back straight. You're halfway there guys! The final exercise for this group is knee raises. Raise your knees as high as possible. You are capable! Great job guys! This is group 2. Pause the video here for an extended break. We will start group 3 with Lange and Kick. Lunge down, and when you come back, kick your leg out, squeezing your abs as you do this. Make sure you push through your front heel to return. Now on the other side. I continue! Now we're jogging in place, to keep our heart rate up. Keep going! You can do this exercise, but if you need to take a break, that's totally okay too! Now, squat down and when you come back, kick your heel toward your butt, then repeat on the other side. Try to squat low to engage your glutes. And we have another round of running around. I'm telling you guys that the third set is the easiest, and let's break this down! Just two more exercises and we will have a chance to rest. Next, we have the side lunge, take a big step to the side, while pushing your hips back. When you return to the center, go into a bent lunge. Maintain your balance, do it well and work your muscles. The last exercise for this group. Now to the other side. Keep going, we're almost there! This is set 3 guys! Pause the video for a long rest. Now sit on your mat for the last set, and we will start with the plank and knee bend exercise. While in a high plank position, lift your leg up and push it into your abs, inward, then do the same on the other side. Make sure you engage your abs here. Now sit like this and we have the dog and the bird. Raise your opposite hand and leg, then repeat

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