15 min Intense BOOTY LIFT Workout at Home (Reduce Cellulite & Sagging)

hi I'm Emmy today we're focusing all on the booty burn there will be no jumping so it's also knee friendly and apartment friendly and if you're ready let's go first exercise good morning [Music] exercise Bend at the hips back flat thrust your hip forward back to standing as you squeeze the glutes activate the burn [Music] [Applause] 20 seconds [Music] please second back lunge didn't stand a chance lunge backward both legs in 90 degree kiss your knee to the ground squeeze the booty to stand back up [Music] third wide Squad to pose [Music] feet in Sumo stance squat until thighs are parallel to the ground squeeze the glutes as you stand back up [Music] we were pausing in three two one baby boy 10 seconds you got this [Music] fourth side to back lift Ed [Music] exercise lift your leg to the side while engaging the glutes [Applause] [Music] going into backlift in three two one [Music] Mind Body Connection focus on working the booty for each wrap [Music] fifth at the lake just water exercise [Music] three two one back lift [Music] left the laws [Music] [Applause] next curtsy lunch thank you exercise cross your back leg to the opposite side as you lunge back [Music] remember why you started the work you're putting in right now gets you closer to your goals foreign [Music] split squat [Music] exercise lunge down until both legs are a 90 degree angle repeat on the side for 20 seconds and switch legs this one [Applause] change side and three two one [Music] eighth crab walk [Music] dark exercise walking from side to side one step at a time keeping the glutes engaged [Music] [Music] stay low 15 seconds ago [Music] okay rest ninth single leg RDL [Music] exercise back leg with only toes lightly placed on the ground for balance Bend at the hips with slight Bend in the knees squeezing the glutes to stand back up feeling the burn especially on the side of your front leg [Music] going crazy [Music] [Music] 10th change leg s [Music] exercise stay focused don't forget to breathe [Music] I've been looking for a way out into the sparkling light [Music] [Music] please [Music] [Applause] eleven hip thrust to hold foreign [Music] lift your hip up squeezing your booty at the top [Music] we are going to hold it in three two one keep squeezing 10 seconds left thank you I'm so deep down under the ground looking for answers I couldn't find 12th single leg hip thrust [Music] size this time we're having one leg off the ground pointing towards the sky and still at first please [Applause] [Music] lift your hip as high as you can remind yourself to squeeze the glutes for the max burn [Music] s 13th at the lake yeah the flames exercise you're doing awesome keep up the great work [Music] 20 seconds [Music] [Music] 14th hip lift walkout foreign keep your hip lifted extend your leg and step your foot out one by one [Music] this is tough I know challenge yourself keep having your booty lifted [Music] 10 seconds [Music] 15th donkey cake to pulses [Music] in all fours bring your left leg up and back squeezing the glutes at the top [Music] foreign in three two one [Music] every time [Music] 16th change leg s [Music] we are so close to the end aim for the finish line [Music] going into pulses in three two one [Music] Seventeen fire hydrant to Rainbow foreign [Music] leg to the side again squeezing your glute at the top [Music] straighten the leg to draw a rainbow from side to side in three two one [Applause] like not touching the ground to keep the tension [Music] okay [Music] 18th switch leg s [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] rainbow in three two one [Music] squeezing we're almost there 10 seconds [Music] final exercise clam up hold on [Music] face down lift your bent legs up towards the sky as you squeeze the glutes [Music] [Applause] we're just going to hold it up in three two one [Music] hang in there only 10 more seconds to go [Music] and we did it proud of you for getting this done with me hope you had a good booty burn and I'll see you again very soon foreign [Music]

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