30 BEST Ab Exercises in 15 minutes!! Intense TABATA for Flat Belly and Six Pack ◆ Emi ◆

Hello everyone, I’m Emi. Today I’m going to introduce 30 exercises for training abdominal muscles. Many people think of sit-ups and crunches when they think of exercises to train abdominal muscles. They just do these exercises every day and are very disappointed when they don’t get good results. If your body is accustomed to certain movements, it will be less likely to continue to progress. Simply put, if you are still working hard but not getting the results you should have, your body needs some changes! There are so many ways to train abdominal muscles in the world. Today I will introduce my 30 favorite exercises. Each one is very effective and will help your upper abdominal muscles, lower and side abdominal muscles, and the central muscles. It's a bit like a rubber band, which can make the whole belly shrink in and make the waist smaller. This time we are going to do Tabata exercise for 20 seconds. Resting for 10 seconds will definitely make you very sore. It will be like a fire burning in your belly. Remember to use it# ChangeWithEmi makes it easy for you to see your own progress and the progress of others. Also, many people ask me what I like to eat? So today I want to share with you a food that I like to eat very much. I eat this an hour before I exercise so that I will have more energy and strength to complete my exercise. As an Asian, I like sushi and sashimi very much. In addition to being delicious, it contains a lot of protein and nutrients. Today I will introduce some of my favorite foods: hamachi, snapper, and scallops. These seafood come from Japan. They are very fresh and delicious. My mother said these fish are very lucky. After all, the Chinese New Year is coming soon. If you eat more of these, your luck will be better. Hamachi will help your brain. The Japanese say that if you eat more of this fish, you will have good work and development. Sea bream has a lot of protein but very few carbohydrates. Therefore, in Japanese culture, this fish will bring you good luck and long-term health. The scallop will help you recover after exercise and help you maintain a good spirit. Another meaning is that the scallop will bring you good health. Business is going smoothly and it’s delicious! I can share some short stories with you. Okay, you have to pay attention to your diet. You must eat enough so that you have the strength to exercise. It doesn’t matter if you eat bananas or oatmeal cakes. I don’t like not eating for the sake of being in shape. Also, you If you feel hungry all the time during exercise, it will affect your exercise and make you have no energy to really exercise your best. If you are ready, let's get started! We're going to start with my favorite exercise, butterfly crunches! Lie on the carpet with your heels together and your hands together on the floor above your head. Use the strength of your abdominal muscles to sit up. Your hands also touch the floor in front of your feet. Then lie down and touch your hands to the floor above your head for 20 seconds. The speed inside should be as fast as possible to have a good start! Your stomach should feel a little sore, which is good. The second exercise is also a slow crunch that I like very much. Put your hands behind your head and bend your upper body up. Come up slowly and then stop for two seconds before going down. If you have abdominal muscle soreness, Don't feel too fast. The slower this movement is, the better. The third movement is called leg lift. This movement requires special training of the lower abdominal muscles. Put your hands under your buttocks and lift your legs to 90 degrees. Then lower your legs but don't touch the floor. Use the lower ones. Abdominal muscles, don’t let your legs touch the floor for the whole 20 seconds. Although you feel sore, this is what we want. The effect is very good. Let’s continue working together. The fourth exercise is called the abdominal muscle bicycle. Lie down, and then bend your shoulders from the floor little by little. Pull the knee on one side toward the chest, straighten the leg on the other side forward, and turn the upper body so that the right elbow touches the left knee, and the left elbow touches the right knee. Only keep moving for 20 seconds. Don't stop. Challenge yourself to sit up. The fifth exercise is called crunching and kicking. Put your hands behind your buttocks and bring your knees up toward your chest. Use your lower abdominal muscles to kick your legs forward and continue moving back and forth. There is no such thing as soreness. It's useful, you're successful. The sixth exercise is called backward crunches. Lift your legs toward the sky and use your abdominal muscles to lift your butt up. Enjoy the soreness a little and feel better. The seventh exercise is called abdominal curls. You need to use multiple angles to train your abs. Bend your upper body up a little and start to circle. You should feel the abdominal muscles on the inside, below, above and on the sides tighten. After ten seconds, change directions and slowly control your upper body. Let the abdominal muscles feel sore. The eight exercises are Jindian's stick pose. This exercise will tighten the center and make the waist smaller. The elbows are directly under the shoulders, and the hands are together directly under the head (the forearms are in a triangle on the carpet). The whole body should become a straight line buttocks. Don't lift it up, keep it up for 20 seconds, come on, hold on, it's great to follow me! The ninth exercise is called Slow X Mountain Climber. Start in a high stick position. Use your abdominal muscles to push one knee inward and almost touch the elbow on the other side. Do you remember the name of this exercise? Take your time! Trust me, doing it slowly will be more effective. Come on! For the tenth exercise, you need to lie down first and reverse leg cycling. The legs need to be raised, then the knees are pulled in toward the chest, and then the legs are straightened. Repeat this action in turns, as if riding a bicycle backwards. The legs should not touch the floor, and the legs should be straight. When you are closer to the floor, the effect of exercise will be greater! One-third of the exercise has been completed! The eleventh exercise is called side stick pose. To train the abdominal muscles on the side of the internal oblique muscles, we first practice with the right forearm leaning on the ground, the left foot stacked on top of the right foot, and the body should become a straight line. Chapter 12 This exercise is also a side stick, but this time we are going to practice the same posture on the left side. Use your abdominal muscles more to maintain this posture, so that your hands will not be so tired. Come on, persist, remember your goal, and tell yourself that you will complete this with me. times of exercise! Show yourself how powerful you are. Thirteenth, lie down and do core kicks. In this exercise, you need to bend the lower abdominal muscle heads and shoulders a little. In order to confirm that you are using your abdominal muscles, put your hands on your stomach and legs. Lift it up and then move it up and down quickly, like a scissor movement, the closer the legs are to the floor, the harder it becomes. It is not easy, but it is very effective and done very well! The fourteenth is called starfish crunch. The hands and feet are stretched out like stars, and the right hand and left foot are raised and then they touch in the middle. Then the left hand and right foot take turns to cheer for 20 seconds. This is the fifteenth way for us to complete the goal. This is called raising your legs and putting your hands under your buttocks. Raise your legs together to 45 degrees and bend your head. Don’t move your toes while watching your eyes. The lower the angle of your legs, the better the effect of the exercise. Half of it is done. You can’t do it here. Time to give up! Don't put your legs down, you can succeed! You haven't given up yet and I'm proud of you! The sixteenth one is called V crunch. You need to straighten your hands upwards and use your abdominal muscles to bend your upper body up from the carpet. At the same time, you pull your knees into your chest so that your fingers touch your ankles. This movement is difficult. You can do it slowly. The key is not to The seventeenth step of giving up is called the Russian twist. Sit up, lift your legs off the floor, put your hands in front of your belly and use your side abs to turn your upper body left and right for the entire 20 seconds without letting your legs touch the floor. I don’t want to see anyone give up. I know you are better than yourself. Imagine being strong! You can lie down again. The eighteenth step is called Heel Touching. You need to bend your head and shoulders with your hands on both sides of your body. Use your side abdominal muscles to swing your upper body from side to side and let your hands touch your heels. This will help us burn belly fat. , let’s rock together, concentrate on the exercise and have reached the 19th windmill. It will help your lower and side abdominal muscles to lift your legs together. Make a half circle from left to right and then go back. Use your abdominal muscles to control your legs. , not touching the floor for the entire 20 seconds! the time passes so fast! The twentieth exercise is called catching the air. Stretch your hands and feet upwards at 45 degrees and straighten your head. Your hands and feet are not on the floor. Don't move your back. Keep your back as close to the floor as possible. Keep your hands and feet in the air. Unless you decide to do so, Except giving up, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Don’t stop yourself from successfully completing two-thirds of the exercise! The twenty-first step is called Four Actions: Leg Lifting Both legs need to be raised. One leg should be raised to 90 degrees first, then the other leg should be lowered following the first raised leg, and then the other leg should be lowered. (But you can’t touch the floor) This exercise requires the use of the lower abdominal muscles. I will accompany you to exercise together. Don’t give up. The twenty-second exercise is called side crunches. You need to practice the internal oblique muscles. Bend both knees and pull one Put your feet on the other knee, put your hands behind your head, and then bend your upper body so that your right elbow touches the bent knee. After ten seconds, switch sides. You are doing well. The 23rd step is called ankle crunches. To practice the above abdominal muscles, raise your legs to 90 degrees, put your hands next to your ears, and bend your upper body up. With your hands stretched out, you need to use your abdominal muscles to touch your ankles to bend your upper body closer and closer to the tail of the exercise. Twenty-four The first exercise is called sit-ups with legs straight. The entire upper body needs to sit up and let the hands touch the ankles. Come on, your efforts now will have great results. The twenty-fifth exercise is called single-leg lift. This exercise will really train the lower abdomen. Lift both legs up from the floor a little bit. One leg goes up to 90 degrees and then goes down again. The other leg imitates the same movement. The leg cannot touch the floor. Come on, continue to persevere and continue to exercise with me! The twenty-sixth one is called the Spider-Man Stick Pose, which will make your abdominal muscles very powerful. Start with the elbow stick pose, with the right knee touching the right elbow, and then do the same with the left side. Take turns for 20 seconds, no If you give up, you will train your center and upper and lower abdominal muscles, which will make your belly smaller. The 27th step is called V-shaped balance. It will be very sore. Sit up and use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs a little bit. Stretch straight forward to balance your body in this V-shape. You need to hold it. The straighter your feet are, the better the exercise will be. This exercise will help you get the abdominal muscles you want. There are only three exercises left. Twenty-eighth is called ankle touching hands. Straighten your legs upward and raise them to 90 degrees. At the same time, bend your head and shoulders, stretch out your hands and touch your ankles. Do not let your legs rest on the floor every time you come down. Do not let the legs rest on the floor to make the exercise really effective. The twenty-ninth exercise is called leg raise and jump. This is to burn more fat under the belly. It is very similar to the leg raise. Do not lift the leg to 90 degrees at one time. We have to jump up and down at about 45 degrees. This is better than the normal leg press. The exercise is a little more difficult but more effective than normal leg lifts. The closer the legs move up and down to the floor, the more powerful the effect. When it comes to the last exercise, side elbows, touch your elbows and start with side elbow sticks. Put your hands next to your ears and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift your upper knee until it can touch your upper elbow. After ten seconds, change sides. There are only a few seconds left in the whole movement. Come on! Success! (Remember to pull your abdominal muscles) 30 different exercises to train your abdominal muscles, you guys are awesome! The more you practice, the better. A few years ago I couldn't even do any of these exercises! If there are several exercises that are too difficult for you, don’t be discouraged. Keep working hard and keep working hard. Only in this way can you reach your goal. You need to stretch your abdominal muscles or you can watch my other stretching videos to calm down. Remember to like and leave a message. , subscribe and share this video with family and friends. Once again, I would like to say to everyone, Good Job (well done), see you next time!

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