30 MIN WALKING CARDIO WORKOUT | Intense Full Body Fat Burn at Home ~ Emi

[Music] today we are doing a 30 minute walking workout at home so you can get a good cardio fat burn while watching tv or when it's raining outside too cold too crowded too polluted you can get this done in the comfort of your own home don't underestimate this workout it will get you all sweaty and the full body fat burn is way more intense than you think if you're ready let's go there will be 30 exercises 40 seconds each with 15 seconds transition to next move there will also be longer rest in between sets now let's start walking [Music] exercise simply walk on the spot or around your room to warm up the body back straight good posture not slouching [Music] don't underestimate this workout you are going to be sweating crazy by the end of the 30 minutes [Music] rest you can rest or continue walking to keep your heart rate up until the next move arm lifts high knee [Music] as i'm walking exercise crunch your abs as you bring your elbows down and lift one knee up [Music] tighten the belly for each wrap [Music] rest third punch and step [Music] exercise punch with one fist as you step one foot out each punch strong and firm [Music] the more effort you put in the more results you get [Music] rest fourth side to side [Music] exercise step from side to side as you hit your elbows backwards squeeze the shoulder blades and work your back for more burn [Music] [Applause] keep up the good energy [Music] rest fifth front ankle tap [Music] exercise tap opposite ankle as you bring one leg up in front alternate sides [Music] you should be feeling the cardio burn by now keep it going [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] rest next back ankle tap [Music] exercise this time tap your opposite ankle as you kick one leg to the back repeat on one side for 20 seconds [Music] 3 2 one other leg [Music] [Applause] [Music] ten seconds give me a few more reps [Applause] rest seven standing at bike and make things [Music] exercise crunch your abs as you bring your elbow and opposite knee in to tap done [Music] focus on working the abs [Music] [Applause] [Music] cake [Music] take out all the negative energy everything that's been holding you back from becoming the person you want to be we are in control to create our own future [Music] [Music] step in place [Music] [Music] exercise a little break for the legs as we focus on working the arms this round push your hands towards the sky work the arm flap [Music] rest last one before long rest square crap walk [Music] exercise go into half squat position step your foot forward one by one then back in a square chest up don't round your back [Music] [Applause] [Music] hang in there 20 seconds until we get one minute rest stay low finish strong [Music] rest for 60 seconds again you can keep walking if you want to or you can grab a water shake out your legs before we go into our second set starting with high knee tap when you're moving [Music] that's how we live [Music] exercise bring one knee up at a time to touch your palm at waist level [Music] 15 seconds [Music] rest 12 sky reach kickback [Music] exercise reach for the sky as you kick your leg back towards the opposite side [Music] no pain no gain you're definitely getting way more burnt out of this workout than a 30 minute walk [Music] rest 13 punch down [Music] exercise punch down as you twist your shoulder to the front strong punches and don't forget to have fun throughout the process [Music] [Music] let your problems go until [Music] sidestep jack [Music] exercise step one foot to the side at a time as you bring both arms up sometimes people will try to hold you back we are working our arms our core our legs enjoy the full body cardio [Music] burns to liver [Music] back to basic quick walk [Music] exercise a quick job to pump up the calories burn we are halfway through the workout [Music] i know you're sweating a lot me too but that's what we're here for [Music] left three ways [Music] exercise focus on using the thigh to bring your leg up to the front side and back squeeze your glutes at the top stay steady instead of just swinging the [Music] i leg want a party [Music] at the lake [Music] exercise enjoy this little break we are only a few more exercises until our long rest [Music] i just want a party [Music] twist [Music] exercise fits in the sky punch your abs as you twist your torso to bring one knee up towards the opposite side and pull the fist down [Music] 15 seconds [Music] scissors and cross [Music] exercise crisscross your arms like scissors while also crossing your leg in front [Music] to chase it away is [Music] last one in our second set before 60 seconds rest skipping [Music] exercise imagine you're skipping with a rope start slow then as you get the rhythm challenge yourself and go faster [Music] push your limits only 15 seconds to go until a one minute long rest [Music] use this break to reset yourself drink some water you can keep on walking slowly or just rest get your heart rate down before we begin our final set after workout we'll be starting with watching [Music] [Music] exercise march with bringing one arm and opposite knee up [Music] we have come so far already this is the time to push and give it our all [Music] [Music] 20 second side punch [Music] exercise push it aside as you step your foot out repeat on the same side for 20 seconds [Applause] [Music] because sometimes three two one switch [Music] need test [Applause] lift one knee up as you bring your arms down to tap use your abs and core for each wrap [Music] [Music] [Music] sometimes sometimes [Music] next other side [Music] exercise really squeeze your abs for each wrap go faster push your limits there's nothing you can't do [Music] sometimes [Applause] 25th swim plus lake circle [Music] exercise bring your arms out as if you're swimming draw one leg out and a circle alternate legs [Music] get a little breather after the last two intense ones but don't forget to keep your core tight to stay in balance [Music] next crap walk hill race [Music] exercise in half squat crab walk to the side for four steps and lift your heels and off to the other direction [Music] we are so close to the end guys push all the complaints out of your head we are here to win [Music] 27th neat race clap [Music] lift your knee up as you clap under the thighs [Music] [Applause] [Music] 20 seconds [Music] dress 28th walking class [Music] exercise walk three steps forward cut then three steps backward clap again oh don't be wasting any precious time now nope this is not the final cooldown just a little break before the last push yes i'm nice like that enjoy it and get ready for the next two exercises [Music] rest 29 pull and step back [Music] exercise step one leg to the back pull your arms backward as you bring your knee up continue on the side for 20 seconds [Music] stay focused pull hard work those arms work the leg you can do whatever you set your mind into [Music] final exercise why quick job [Music] exercise legs wide apar

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