32nd birthday in Australia (Watched the Australian Open for the first time!)

[Music] this [Music] isal [Music] Australia [Music] Open [Music] now I met up with my friend from Bali hello and he's been in Australia for a month for a month yes is this where we're going I think so is this a Botanical Garden what is this I have no idea okay we finally arrived to the Royal Botanical Garden ooh it's [Music] nice is the sensory garden can you introduce me yeah so we got a beautiful flower over here it's called the iris hey look at this lick world's best pza black [Music] [Music] pills welcome [Music] gifts can't [Music] move [Music] welcome [Music] opene for get ready with [Music] me [Music] filter [Music] [Music] get okay getting tired welcome lunch Royal Botanical G welcome to thank you how are you good how are you can I seat hi guys I'm Emmy I'm a YouTuber from Hong Kong I have been a YouTuber for 7 years uh I started out with more Fitness content but now I also do lifestyle and travel and thank you so much theam for having us here um yeah that's pretty much it and I'm so excited to get to know everyone [Applause] here I watched The Bachelor for years they're my favorite couple welcome lunch for [Music] ev9 so we want to tell you guys more about the car so we have car influencer here man nice to meet you E9 is K's newest car it is one of their flank as well what's cool about it a lot of things is cool about this car like this one it doesn't have a traditional mirror oh wow the camera right on both sides and um wow that's all they have that's crazy it's got this fingerprint to start to start yeah the technology and then the adaptive cruise control everything is the STP Nots basically and yeah it's got all the massage seed cool seed massage seeds it's got massage seed but in the front yeah Co thank you thank you so much this is the first clar influencer I've ever met in my life it's so cool and he's from Indonesia [Music] so these are called the suicide doors so basically it's not in production yet but it's a concept inspiration number one [Music] number [Music] number one [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] wow tennis oh my God got l happy birthday thank you make sure thank you man [Music] manif Brighton [Music] [Music] Beach good how are you oh my God is it sunscreen oh my God great thank you I really need [Music] s Australian Open [Music] for – 32nd birthday in Australia (Watched the Australian Open for the first time!)

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