4 min COOL DOWN STRETCH ROUTINE | Do This After Your Workout | Flexibility and Muscle Recovery

what's up everyone we're about to do a four minute cool down stretch this routine is perfect for after your workout intervals will be 30 seconds long and for some of the movements I'll provide two different options so you can make it your own so hop on your mat and let's cool down [Music] all right for the first move in our cool down today step the feet wide reach overhead grab your wrist side Bend and back to Center other side here we go really reach with those arms and stretch through your side body here [Music] thank you [Music] [Music] all right quad stretch with the right leg you can hold on to something for support if you'd like or do without it really zip up through the front body bring those knees together and push the hips forward [Music] thank you all right switch legs grab a hold of the left ankle same thing quad stretch through the front of the leg here [Music] [Music] step to one edge of your mat walk out into a downward dog you're gonna walk it out Bend one knee then the other pressing the opposite heel down good stretch it through the calves [Music] [Music] drop those knees into child's pose send the hips back then float forward drop the hips open up through the chest shoulders away from the ears here that floating between the two positions [Music] all right to find a seat open up those legs into a wide second Knees and Toes facing up walk the hands to the right Square those shoulders to the floor good you can walk those hands slightly right or all the way to that leg but facing the leg here [Music] and walk it to the other side [Music] good reach lungs stretch it out [Music] foreign [Music] position here tilt the head to the right and use your right arm to help you out good stretch through the neck drop this opposite shoulder away from the ear [Music] good and switch sides foreign nice take a deep inhale and exhale and you're done your cooldown amazing work everyone if you enjoyed that cool down stretch then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below to put in your requests for future workouts see in the next one [Music]

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