4 min WARM UP ROUTINE | Before Your Workout | All Standing

what's up everyone we're about to do a four minute warm-up routine we'll be moving through some dynamic stretches and control movements to help prepare you for the workout ahead we'll have intervals of 30 seconds per move for eight movements total so find a bit of space and get ready to warm up [Music] all right let's get into our warm-up we have knee pulls alternating legs here we go really draw that knee in and pull up tall through the upper body [Music] foreign [Music] take those feet nice and wide turning out from the hips we have down reach up good drawing those knees back in space using your breath here foreign [Music] bring those feet a bit more parallel side Bend good fold forward soften through those knees let everything fall and then side bend the other side good [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] reverse lunge nice and slow and controlled alternate legs good long and strong through that upper body nice all right two shoulder circles two arm circles [Music] [Music] all right place the heel forward bend through the back leg reach and stretch through the hamstrings good then switch legs straighten the front leg bend the back leg good flat through that back as we reach forward [Music] all right reach for the sky take those elbows wide knee Drive [Music] good really resist through those arms pull the elbows down and back [Music] all right squat and twist to finish off final move [Music] good twisting through your Center here you've got it [Music] all right you made it okay warm up complete if you feel ready for your workout then hit the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below so we can connect there see you in the next one all right

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