5 min BUTT LIFT WORKOUT | No Squats | Grow Your Booty

hi everyone my name's mikayla and we're about to do a five minute butt lift workout to tone and perk up your booty there are no squats in today's workout and you don't need any equipment at all we'll do 10 movements for 30 seconds each with no breaks so just grab a soft surface to work out on and let's get to it [Music] all right let's get our workout started on hands and knees in table top position donkey kick your right leg behind you we're going to pulse pulse then slowly lower here we go exhale inhale now i said if you want to flex that foot you can drive that heel up to the sky good closing those ribs up we're lifting from under the glutes nice really squeeze at the top of the movement [Music] all right cross that right leg behind you bend and extend to the side inhale exhale good and we're only lifting that leg as high as we can for our own body and we're working into those side glutes nice take it straight behind you you're just going to lift and lower exhale inhale [Music] good finding as little movement as possible in your upper body avoid arching here just lift from those glutes nice squeeze all right donkey kicks on the left leg here we go pulse pulse and slowly lower pulse pulse good exhale slow it down all right cross that leg behind you bend and extend to the side inhale exhale you've got it all right straight behind you we've got lift and lower [Music] go ahead lengthen through your back and through your neck and push away from the floor here nice few seconds left of this movement really squeeze all right flip around onto your back we have knees bent and feet hip width here lift those hips lift one leg plant it down and lower squeeze lift lower and down we're alternating legs here all right lift those hips right leg comes to the sky here we're going to lower and lift inhale exhale now it's okay if your leg isn't as high or maybe if you have a slight bend through that leg that's all right the purpose of having our single leg is to put all the pressure into this left glute here [Music] all right other leg left leg to the sky exhale inhale [Music] nice pressing into that right heel to help you lift up through your hips keeping them square to the ceiling as much as you can [Music] alright last move plant your feet down hip width lift those hips we've got heel lift knees open and close got our hips are staying up the whole time for this one nice close those ribs up guys squeeze those inner thighs [Music] almost there you did it amazing job you guys if you enjoyed this workout then comment below let me know your requests for future workout videos and don't forget to subscribe like and follow me on my fit my mech instagram account i'll see you in our next workout [Music] bye

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