5 min WARM UP ROUTINE Before Your Workout | Low Impact | Wrist Friendly

how's it going everyone today we'll be doing a five-minute warm-up routine that you can do before any of the workouts on my channel so i will link a few suggestions in the description below this is a no wrist and no jumping routine so we'll be doing standing movements dynamic stretches and getting that heart rate up for the workout ahead so find a bit of space and let's get to it [Music] all right we've got 10 moves for 30 seconds each step those feet parallel and hip width circle the arms up and back then squat reaching forward here we go good knees tracking over those toes making sure the weight is back [Music] okay bend then cross and reach inhale exhale warming up through those core muscles and twisting through that torso [Music] knee circles arms out in a t circle that knee up and over warming up those hips [Music] all right arm swings swing them back then cross in front [Music] arms out in his head feet are stepped nice and wide we're going to reach for the ankle come back up and we're stretching dynamically through those hamstrings in the back of the legs [Music] so head rolls drop the chin tilt it to one side drop and tilt good warming up through the neck [Music] uh all right step those feet wide turn the toes out 45 degrees from the hips wide second squat and side bend inhale down exhale reach guys sink those hips shoulders over the hips here in our wide second squat [Music] alternating lunges step one foot back you want to tilt those hips under press this hip forward so you feel it in those hip flexors [Applause] [Music] good for our last two moves we're going to get that heart rate up and move our body a little bit faster [Music] reach and pull high knees [Music] good pull up tall 10 seconds left really embrace that core [Music] and three and two and one awesome job you guys you made it through the warm-up don't forget to hit that like button and subscribe for more videos and workouts on my channel also leave me a comment below and let me know what workouts you want to see next i will see you in our workout oh together [Music]

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