5 Minute Booty Workout For Women At Home

today we are doing a 5-minute booty workout at home for women if you want to know the best diet and training program for you then don't forget to check out the quiz below who's ready for a five-minute booty workout guys so we're gonna be on the floor 50 seconds on a 10 second press first move that we're going into is a swamp lift with the legs swing so all I want you to do is lift that leg up and kick it out to the side so what you want to do with this move is make sure that that leg doesn't touch the ground and you just want to keep out and back out and back it's gonna really burn out your glute muscle here guys that's it kick back kick back let's switch sides guys straight away really make sure to lift that leg as high as you can you want in gliders glute muscles here kick back kick back that's it guys [Music] let's come into all four guys for the next move what you're gonna do is you're gonna bend your leg in a ninety degree then it tap the ankle and then you're gonna kick out and in diagonal to the sides and tax or so [ __ ] tap kick I want you to go quite fastest movement I remember when you're kicking your leg back out to the side use some force it's a tap kick tap kick when you're tapping keep your leg in at 90 degree switch sides guys set the tap kick tap kick remember to tap the ankle kick out as hard as you can and wonderful some force here [Music] I sent job now let's come down to our side facing forward you're gonna be on your hip and what you're going to do is you're going to lift it and kick your leg out sir sighs so lift up and kick up and kick with this move it's nice and controlled you really want to make sure you [Music] switch side straightaway guys take a break here guys ten seconds the next move that we're going into is bridges and we're gonna open or close at the top and come exercise so up open close down up open close down this move again needs to be nice and controlled I want you to squeeze those gluts as soon as you come up and keep it nice and contracted as you open and close your legs that's it keep the naval sucked into the spine make sure to exhale every single time that you come up right lucky guys [Music] excellent and for your final move I want you to come onto all fours again and we're just going to be doing a leg swing gonna be keeping it lifted the entire time to burn out your class or size so I want you to skip it to the side and back side and back you want to keep it hip circuit so you want to make sure that it's just staying at hip level you'll want to swing it to the side and back side and back that's it guys switch over to the other leg this is your final exercise to make sure you're really pushing yourself here you've not got long [Music] excellent job guys that is the end of your five minute booty workout at home so if you like this video then make sure to hit the subscribe button just click on the button below and if you want to know the best diet and training for you then don't forget to check out the quiz in the description box now I want to turn it over to you which exercise did you prefer the most exercise one or exercise five let me know in the comments below [Music]

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