No Vinyasa, Yes Flow: An (almost) Hands-Free 30 Min Yoga Practice Along

friends kathy madeo here back with another video this one a practice along no hands flow this is great for anyone who's experiencing any wrist pain however if you are experiencing wrist pain especially potentially from yoga or yoga aggravates it from all the weight-bearing we do please check out my yoga for wrist pain video i do take requests so if you have any video requests that you want from me just drop them down in the comment box don't forget to like and subscribe to this channel if you're enjoying these videos for today's practice you don't really need any props maybe a set of blocks if you use them let's get started we'll start in a kneeling position at the back of your mat you can prop yourself up on a block if that's more comfortable or even take a cross-legged seat we'll just take a moment here to center so close down your eyes place your palms on your thighs reach the crown of your head up just feel a nice long spine here notice that subtle shift as you move from the outer world to your inner world and just begin to take note of your breath here watching it go in and out as we practice today off of our hands off of weight bearing on our hands we can perhaps see new and creative ways to continue to flow through our yoga practice maybe we can take this idea off of our mat discovering new ways to do things throughout our day and take one more breath here on your next in breath bring your hands to anjali mudra heart center press the backs of your thumbs into your sternum just gently lift your sternum up feel the spine elongate here and we'll take the backs of our thumbs to our third eye space just stimulating the seat of our inner teacher take an inhale here on your next exhale we'll bow in inhale release your hands release them towards the ground thumbs point outward on your next inhale big sweep of your arms up get really long through your side body on your exhale take your left hand down and we'll take a side bend over to the left with the right hand and we'll inhale both arms up and switch so place your right hand down nice side bend over to the right with your left hand inhale both arms up and we'll twist to the right take your right hand behind you left hand finds the outside of your right leg inhale both arms up exhale nice and easy twist to the left inhale come back to center take an exhale here and next to inhale widen your arms let the elbows come behind your chest opening through your chest and on your exhale flex your spine so some kneeling cat cows we'll take two more inhale open up exhale flex your spine elbows towards the belly inhale open and on your next exhale take your right arm underneath you for an eagle arm wrap if that's too intense you'll just catch your shoulders here and we'll get a nice shoulder stretch feel your shoulder blades spread away from your spine inhale reach your elbows up extend through your spine exhale will release all the way arm with your arms up and on your next inhale widen your arms and exhale let the left arm come underneath you for our second side eagle arm wrap and we're allowing the shoulder blades to spread away from the spine you'll feel a hollowness through your chest here as you stretch those rhomboids in between your shoulder blades next inhale we'll release our arms sweep them up and then come all the way down onto your belly forearms down for sphinx pose pull your elbows back pull your chest through feel your back body get nice and engaged here as you slightly push the floor away another breath will come all the way down bring your right arm so that it's out to the side left fingertips underneath your left elbow and we're getting a shoulder stretch here and through the front of the chest here as we take our left leg behind us give it a tap we'll roll back onto our belly and then switch and come on to your belly and we'll switch sides so come over to the left little tap and back and last one here tap and back come on to your forearms again into your sphinx pose pull those elbows back curl your toes under shift your gaze in between your thumbs now into a strong forearm plank we'll hold here for a couple breaths keep the hips nice and low in line with your shoulders and we can rock a little bit forward and back forward and back feeling our core ignite here getting nice and stable through the pelvis and spine with those strong core muscles and now begin to walk your feet up towards your hands for a dolphin pose we'll just get a nice stretch through our shoulders here push the floor away so that you're feeling like your shoulders are shrugging up towards your ears get a nice stretch through your the backs of your legs from here we'll bring our knees down bring your big toes to touch take a child's pose press the forehead down stretch the arms out in front of you feel your low back stretch or whatever is tight here deep breaths walk your hands back to your feet we'll curl our toes under bring your knees together come back to our kneeling position stretch the soles of your feet bring your arms out in front of you palms face down we'll shift the weight back to our heels and rise to stand release your hands down shift your weight to your left foot inhale reach your arms up take stork pose right knee bends left hand comes to the outside and we will twist so keep your hips facing forward but your chest turns to the right inhale reach your arms up straighten your right leg plant your right foot to about the center of the mat we'll simply switch sides weight shifts to the right stork pose with the left will take a twist turn your chest towards the left hips face forward inhale reach both arms up straighten your left leg place it to the front of your mat and we will step forward into our mountain pose stand nice and tall reach the crown of your head up he'll toe your feet together if they're hips distance inhale arms up exhale bend through your knees for your chair pose and the weight back to your hips feel your sternum lift front ribs drop down a little bit sink a little bit lower challenge yourself inhale straighten up through your legs as you exhale we'll hinge through the hip joint and fold for our forward fold release your head send your weight more to your toe mounds if the backs of the legs feel tight heel toe your feet hips distance apart and take a soft bend in your knees inhale halfway lift shift your weight to your right foot reach your left leg up so you're in a modified warrior three you could always have blocks underneath your hands here and we'll slowly lower the left heel down and rise up for crescent lunge inhale arms up reach your left heel back as you straighten your left leg try to keep that and bend more through your right leg so we'll challenge ourselves here in our standing poses today push up through the legs a little bit come out of the pose and then inhale open up through the chest and dip your back knee down and we'll exhale pump up and inhale open through the chest as the spine extends and

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