5 Most Effective Toning Inner Thigh Exercises

hey guys dr christy ennis today we are going to go over the top five exercises to tone those inner thighs now we all know that inner thighs look pretty and they're nice muscles but they're very important to strengthen actually as part of the core believe it or not and to help prevent groin strains most people think about stretching but one of the top causes for a groin strain is actually weakness in these muscles so you get double bang for your butt today pretty looking muscles and functional looking muscles we're going to start out with easiest first and then go into the most difficult so pay attention to where your lovely thigh muscles are at and go with which ones or one works for you so the very first one i'm going to do i'm going to grab my drugstore plastic ball here you can use a pillow at home but above the knees lying on my back i'm going to squeeze my butt squeeze my abs lift up i'm going to hold up in that position and now i'm going to squeeze extra into that ball so now i'm actually engaging lots of core muscles here and we're doing 10 reps so that's 7 8 9 ten we're getting everything to work okay next to our standing again remember we're getting progressively harder so this one is a plie ish you're gonna bring your legs wide turn those toes out hands in the center let those knees go over those toes not collapse in so here's two you should really feel these three four you can always add weight in the middle here five six seven the beauty though is that you don't really need much equipment to get an effective workout i know my legs will be tired when i'm done there's ten good i'm gonna grab my towel and clean my floor at home use a paper plate a towel or if you happen to have fancy schmancy gliders you can use those too but my toes are gonna be pointed forward i'm going to do one leg at a time you're shifting your weight as that leg stays straight and squeeze both sides as you pull in so it's not here straight leg shift and pull so there's two make sure you do both sides on this one three four i won't show you my towel when i'm done so that you don't know what my floor actually looks like six mud season here in new hampshire seven try not to do that that was a good example of what not to do eight nine and ten okay now this next one is back down on the ground but it is a little harder because you're actually using both legs at the same time this one i love because you actually get a little stretch at the same time so on those hands and knees you're going to start with those knees pretty close together and then you're coming out and then squeeze to pull both back in i tend to go in a little bit of a almost a frog position to get a little bit more of a stretch you certainly to make it even more challenging can bring those feet up and crack your knees just like me no and then bring those legs back out it feels much better on my body to keep my feet down so pay attention to what feels good for you there's four i think you guys know i'm a bad counter five six and always keep those abs engaged right seven eight nine and ten all right last one which is the hardest by far okay so just keep that in mind you're gonna use a little bench or a step top leg is going to go on the top i'm going to keep the bottom leg bent to start we're actually doing a side plank i'm going to keep my foot facing this way so it's not just here although this can be where you can start if it's difficult it's lift that bottom leg up so there's one two it's really this leg that's doing the work three four five six seven don't forget to breathe eight nine and ten make sure to do the other side you can always bend the top knee on the step two if you need to to modify a little bit there now i'm going to walk in a circle because i only worked that right leg but you guys make sure you do both sides thanks so much for tuning in today and get those inner thighs work

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