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hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel today i'm going to be taking you through some simple core breathing exercises that really help if you are postpartum or if you're an absolute beginner into doing ab workouts now just as a disclaimer these exercises that i have been using have been given to me by my physio and it's something that i am using every single day to help get my core strength back and also bring my abs separation back together now if you guys are postpartum i do highly suggest that you speak to your doctor or your physio before engaging in any of these workouts because it's really good to make sure you know exactly where you are before you begin getting back into your exercise regime anyway guys let's jump straight into it and i hope you enjoy [Music] okay guys so to begin you are going to be laying on the floor and i'm just going to go through the basic breathing techniques that you need to have so what you're going to do is you're just going to imagine that you're sucking that navel deep towards the back of the spine you're almost going to imagine that your ribs are coming together and also your hips are coming together so as you breathe in your stomach comes up and as you exhale like you squeeze everything together so we're just going to do a few rounds of this movement we're going to do eight in total so make sure that you're really squeezing everything together imagine that you're wearing a corset and you're just zipping it up from the pubic bone up towards your ribs okay guys so for the next move what you're going to do is now we're going to alternate lifting up those knees so bring it up and down so you're going to inhale exhale bring that knee up that's it guys keep going keep breathing nice and slow [Music] that's it up and down make sure you keep that core contracted keep those muscles nice and tight [Music] that's it okay guys now we're going to go on to the next move so bring everything nice and close together and what we're going to do is we're going to keep that leg up and down so we're going to point those toes and we're going to lift that leg up and down [Music] so make sure as you're lowering that leg keep those toes pointed and keep that whole core nice and engaged that's it imagine that corset still on [Music] keep breathing through [Music] and now all you're going to do is pulse it out to the side so keep that leg up to the side back side back again keep that core contracted excellent work guys now let's switch straight on to the other side so inhale exhale bring that core in leg up and then to the floor and up excellent work guys keep those toes pointed keep that core contracted up and down up and down keep breathing if you guys need to go slower any point that's absolutely fine [Music] and up and now out to the side small pulses guys keep breathing [Music] excellent job okay guys neutral spine we're going to move into the next move now so inhale exhale squeeze everything in and then we're going to slide one foot down and then back in so if you guys don't want to slide you can just kick your leg like i am doing again nice controlled movements here and back in kick it out and back in out and back in out and back in keep that core contracted excellent job guys inhale exhale bring that core in let's move on to the other side [Music] so take it out and bring it in keep that core in and that's it so make sure they don't flare out and again make sure that you're trying to connect those hips you want to make sure everything's tight [Music] excellent job guys just breathe a second then we're going to go into the next move so breathe in breathe out [Music] everything nice and tight and both of the legs flat on the floor now what we're going to do is our arms are going to go above our head and we're just gonna lift one leg lightly off of the floor and one the opposite arm up there we go so up and down up and down this is just a small kick it's not very high so go as high as you want but again make sure that your stomach has not been lifting up with pressure you want to make sure that it's remaining at one level let's move on to the other leg so up down up down excellent work guys relax bring those arms back down and our legs back to the floor so breathe in exhale suck everything in now what we're going to do is we're going to lift one knee up the opposite arm up and then we're just going to kick our leg out and the opposite arm is just going to go back slightly again make sure this is nice and controlled we don't want to kick that leg too far out we're just literally kicking it so it's level with the opposite knee [Music] excellent work guys make sure you constantly check your stomach for pressure make sure the belly button's not coming up [Music] excellent work lower it nice and slowly and let's move straight on to the opposite side so breathe in exhale bring that leg up and then kick two three four five seven and eight excellent work guys lower it nice and slowly arms down now what we're going to do is we're going to come to the side so i want you laying with your arm out straight and all you're literally going to do is you're going to push using that arm in front on the floor and lift that leg up and i want your waist to be lifted up as well i don't want it touching the floor so all you're going to do is on your exhale you're just going to push that top arm onto the floor and you should feel that in the side of your obliques that's it guys push and down push and out excellent guys let's move straight on to the other side nice and slowly okay bring those arms down and remember so the opposite arm in front you're just going to push it down lift your obliques off the floor leg up and push and down push and down push and down [Music] and that is it guys well done i hope you enjoyed this workout so guys that is the end of the video i hope you really did enjoy these core exercises i'm currently four weeks postpartum and have noticed such a difference when i am doing these so do give these a go and let me know in the comments below do you think that these are effective and have you seen a difference i really do look forward to reading your comments and if you guys like this video don't forget to hit the subscribe button and also give this video a big like because it really does help my channel [Music] you

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