7 Minute Intense Cardio Workout

hey guys I am super excited about today's workout on xhit because we are doing the seven minute method I'm going to give you a whole workout that's just 7 minutes long but it's going to be the equivalent to half an hour that's pretty [Music] awesome okay let's start we got 30 seconds of jumping jacks just going to get our heart rate up nice little warm up all these exercises are just 30 seconds long and two of them we're going to be doing for a minute so nice and quick keep ourselves motivated swapping and changing but no breaks okay we've got to do this whole s minutes in one go it's going to be the equivalent to half an hour's workout you've got this guys we feeling ready to go yes we are a few more seconds okay now take it over to a wall I want you to do a nice wall sit so just come down going to hold this again for 30 seconds so the lower you go the the more you're going to feel it in those quads keep that tummy pulled in and feel it in those quads woo I can feel the burn I worked out yesterday and already my legs are feel a little bit shaky but that's good cuz I know my legs are working okay that's it just breathe in for me and exhale don't worry about what your legs are feeling like just keep holding it there for three two one okay up you come we're going to come down onto the ground we've got 30 seconds seconds of push-ups quick let's go keep that tummy pulled in now if you need to you can use a mirror to see what your alignment's like cuz it's sometimes slightly difficult to know if you're doing the push-up correctly and if you're still a little bit confused then we actually have a howto video on how to do a push-up so no excuses for getting it wrong keep that back nice and flat if you want to you can come up onto your toes wo come on give me one more pushup down to go okay flipping over we've got 30 seconds of crunches so just put your head in your hand and let's come up really squeeze those abs okay think about someone punching you in the stomach and you're going to squeeze up come on guys you've got this 7 minutes but really try and give it everything you've got cuz the more you put in the more you're going to get out come on guys we can do this squeeze bring those shoulders off the ground and breathe five four 3 two one spring it up we've got a minute of alternating lunges so we're going to take it backwards just one minute okay so we're going to end up probably doing like 30 seconds on each leg you're going to be feeling this in your quads these big muscles here and this is really good for your glutes so if you want to get a perky little bum increase those glute muscles you need to do lunges now this is really good for your core as well because obviously we got to keep some balance so if you look at something straight ahead of you it's going to help you help with that stability and let's keep it going make sure you're breathing inhaling and exhaling we have no breaks for water unless you Lally go right by you then you can have a quick Swig but let's keep it going now this one is for a minute but we can do this the next exercise is just for 30 seconds you're almost halfway through this whole workout see it's gone super quickly give me two more lunges go back okay coming to the front let's do 30 seconds of squats keep that chest up high and your bottom to the back oh can you feel it can you feel your heart up that's good I'm getting adrenaline pumping my body let's keep it going guys excellent job everyone squeeze as you get to the top give those glutes a squeeze as you go down check the knees on over the toes come on you can give me one more squat down and up let's come down to the floor we're going to dip so hands facing towards your bottom we're dip up and down and if you think about just putting your weight more towards where your knees are you're going to feel it increased in those arms the triceps keep it going we're getting a full total body workout so you got to finish the whole workout so you are getting that head to toe toning up keep it going you're feeling good we're going to work on our ABS next let's turn over and let's hold the plank for 30 seconds squeeze make sure that those elbows are underneath the shoulders take a quick look make sure in the right position and then pull in those abs don't let the bottom go to the ceiling or dip down just feel it nice and tight you've got this hold it there no one's collapsing keep it going we're going to be working some cardio next so just hold that tummy squeeze three two one jump up straight away come on you're almost finished let's do 30 seconds of high knees come on guys you got this oh just think about all those calories you're burning off and you're toning up get those knees nice and high come on all the way to the end everybody we do this do this together po those arms if you need to keep it going breathe in and out three two one okay I know this one isn't your favorite but we're going to do some burpees just 30 seconds go down push up come on you've just got two more exercises left after this let's make sure we get that cardio in down we go come on jump nice and high blowing the pushup push come on keep it going now if you want to you can take out the pushup you're not going to get as good result come on keep it going last one now we're going to stay on the ground we're going to push up and then turn it to the side come on we've got this ni is slow and controlled remember if you want to come to your knees just go in front don't go onto your kneecap and then you can just twist to either side come on guys you have got this you got to keep it going breathe inhale and exhale one more after this so easy you can do it okay you ready let's hold it onto that side plank this side first come on squeeze we been working these oblique muscles here this is a hard workout but just think about it what is the better to do 7 minutes minutes intense exercise only takes you 7 minutes or half an hour Banning around doing all different bits and pieces and not having any breaks yes 7 Minutes less time more work but it feels good once you've done it then you've got 20 23 minutes left of your time okay let's swap over last time and up we go hold it here think about pulling in these abs these oblique muscles here lift that arm up up to the ceiling and breathe how are you feeling everyone good workout you happy I made you get through it yes you are you can do this guys hold it there for a little bit longer squeeze those abs you can just lift it a little bit higher towards the ceiling stretch that arm up to the sky ready five 4 3 2 one and relax okay well that shows that just seven minutes of exercise really does get your body going we did some cardio there we were turning up our legs our ABS our arms awesome you don't need half an hour all the time sometimes you don't have time for it that's why this workout is perfect it's the 7even minute method exit has got plenty more videos for you so make sure you 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