90 DEGREE SHOULDERS WORKOUT | Fix Rounded Shoulders & Hunchback in 10 min ~ Emi

a lot of you have asked me how to correct rounded shoulders not just for better looking neck and shoulder lines but also for better health and posture well since the year is coming to an end it's time to get rid of fat habits and back posture we're starting a new year fresh and so today is a 10 minute exercise that you can do anytime anywhere these simple daily habits will transform your life and if you're ready let's go 10 exercises 50 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in between first exercise is elbows to side [Music] exercise fingers behind your head elbows open to the side as you squeeze your shoulder blades and back together opening up your [Music] yeah [Music] now [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest second is shoulder rotation [Applause] exercise rotate your shoulders in as big off a circle as you can we'll change direction after 25 seconds [Music] three two one switch [Music] third is back squeeze exercise bring your elbows as far back as you can squeezing the back and shoulder blades together [Music] [Music] don't care about what has been i only care about your soft skin cause we're still sleeping in my head i don't care about you and him i don't care about what has been i only care about your socks rest fourth wall slide [Music] exercise slide your arms down along the wall try to keep your back flat on the wall as well [Music] [Applause] [Music] there's a new part of me the part i want you to see you haven't seen the best of me i know you can [Music] show you i only care about your soft skin exercise work your shoulders bring your elbows high up and slowly lower them back down [Music] you got two minutes of my time and i don't really break too easily but i'm worth it cause i'll slip into your dreams tonight [Music] [Music] we are halfway through sixth is pigeon up and down [Music] exercise one arm under the other twist it together to try to have your palms facing each other bring your arms up as high as you can and back down switch arms after 25 seconds [Music] three two one switch [Music] rest seventh straight arms open [Music] start with palms together in front then bring your straight arms to the back squeezing your back and shoulder blades as if you're trying to clap your hands together [Music] just watch me [Music] me [Music] eight back reach [Music] exercise one arm up one arm down reaching behind your back try to bring your hands together to touch hold for a few seconds and switch sides all my reasoning have disappeared i wanna bury the hatchet and find the way back to our home our home our home [Music] it's totally fine if your hands can't reach right now keep trying it'll happen with practice [Music] i feel that we can break free last two exercises knife is superman [Music] exercise palms together at the back squeezing the shoulder blades together lift your head and feet as high up as you can hold for 10 seconds lower down and lift up again [Music] yesterday we could be ourselves didn't have much but nevertheless we were true to each other but now we don't even bother i remember you being hopeful but the tall waves have worn us down and slowly we are drowning that's why you need to come with me with me with me turn around 180 degrees and cross the [Music] final exercise reverse plank with two options [Music] exercise whole body lifted up in one straight line with only palms and heels on the ground hip up and chest up or you can choose the sit down option where you're sitting with cross legs pushing through your palms with your chest up [Music] remember that consistency is key to any visible results so make this a habit you want to see a change put in the work and make it happen almost there counting down to the finish line [Music]

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