ABS & THIGH WORKOUT IN BED | Flat Belly & Slim Thighs BURN ~ Emi

it's time for another bad workout on the days that you're feeling a bit lazy to put on your spores shoes or take out your yoga mat but you still want a good abs and thigh burn this one is for you don't underestimate these exercises just because we're doing them in bed i promise you're going to feel every single bit of the intense burn in the belly and thighs if you're ready for the workout let's go first exercise is air cycle exercise back side on the bed work those thighs get the blood flowing and your body warm up let's say i let you stay i'll let you stay for coffee in the morning cause you spent the night right next to me let's say i let you fight [Music] second is 90 degrees both an intense burn in the abs and inner thighs exercise elbows on the bed supporting your torso up engage your abs to lift your legs up and down in around 90 degree angle we're not dropping them onto the bed until the timer ends [Music] 15 more seconds hang in there remember your goals that you want to achieve and keep the burn going twice [Music] third is smile drawing a smile with our lips [Music] exercise hands under your hip back flat on bed crunching your lower abs and lift your legs from one side to another as if you're drawing a big smile with your [Music] feet [Music] no pain no gain dress fourth is blick side lift targeting the thigh burn right leg first [Music] exercise lift it up and down without touching the bed focus on engaging your thigh for every [Applause] [Music] [Applause] from lift world she puts a smile on my face [Music] switch side [Applause] [Music] [Music] um [Music] six is leg drop [Music] exercise elbows on the bed both legs up towards the sky lower one at the time but still keeping both off the bed the burn is real we're unstoppable we're winners and we push even harder when it gets hard [Music] seventh crunch to me [Music] exercise knees up in 90 degree angle punch your abs to lift your torso for elbows to touch the knees squeeze your abs hard work those abs for the best belly burn [Music] is up down flutters [Music] exercise hands under the booty legs crossed and scissors motion from down to up and up to down not dropping onto the bed to keep the tension and burn going but now i shine with your reflection on me i'm getting back up on my feet this is tough i'm with you every rep this is how we get the best burn and the best results we're not quitters and we'll stay strong till the end [Music] ninth giving the absolute break time to wipe the thighs with knee in case [Music] exercise lie on your left side right knee in towards your chest and extend right leg straight up and back mind body connection work your thigh for every rep to maximize the burn [Music] rest 10 switch side [Music] exercise we're so close to the end push it through [Music] [Music] eleventh is f by cold [Music] exercise bring opposite elbow and knee to touch with up wipe motion then extend your leg straight keeping back flat on the bed and head up hold it here for a sec then back to [Music] f-bike this exercise gives the craziest burn in the belly as well as the thighs that's why i love it let's get that burn [Music] final exercise of this bed workout is both hope [Music] exercise licks up torso up sitting in a v-shape and just hold it here keep crunching your abs and squeezing the thighs together for the balance always saving the best for last you're going to smash this get the sunu legend i believe in you and us we can do [Music] done it the great burns even in the bed come back anytime for more when you wake up in the morning before you sleep at night or even after an afternoon nap no excuses let's get those abs and thighs on fire you did an awesome job today and i'll see you again very soon

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