10 min Core & Upper Body Burn Workout | 3 week Weight Loss Challenge

We have an upper body abs workout today! It's only 10 minutes, you can do this workout! You are not alone in your fitness journey. . Join the rest of the community via Instagram, Youtube or Discord If you're looking for more support, you can find the full three-week schedule on our website at Chloeting.com Hit like, subscribe, turn on notifications, and also leave us a comment. Comments. Really appreciate it. Let's get started! We have 17 exercises today. 20 to 30 seconds of exercise, 5 to 10 seconds of rest. Sit on your mat and we start the exercise with some shoulder touch. While in the high plank position, tap your shoulder with your opposite hand. Make sure you keep your back straight, engage your abs, 10 minutes of fun! Let's do this! Stay in the same position. Have a front raise, one arm at a time, then followed by a back sit, and repeat. 10 seconds of rest here! ! We go to Plank High and Flying Dog. We're basically lifting the opposite arm and leg, alternating sides while in the high plank position. To get the low impact, just do a regular flying dog! Keep going! Now, get into a low plank position and have the knee bent. Lift your foot up, then come back down and bend it inward. Then repeat on the other side. . Make sure you are squeezing your abdominal muscles. We're working on your abs and shoulders here, guys. Well done, you are doing a great job! Now, make sure you have plenty of room to move, we're doing a side crawl like a bear. . Start cross-legged, then bend your knees around at 90 degrees, then lift your knees up, so they don't touch the ground, then move to one side, then back. You'll feel this in your upper body, legs, and stomach. Rest if they need a chance to rest, but Keep going, you are capable! Next, we'll go into low plank, and kicks. Make sure you don't lift your butt too much. Press your foot to one side, then repeat on the other side, and always, engage your abs! Now flip to reverse table position and we have access. One side at a time, reach yourself forward to the opposite side. Stay in the same position. We have the reverse table and knee touch, followed by some toe touch, then repeat on the other side. For an alternate exercise, just leave the knee touches. Now sit on the floor and do some bike cranks. We are halfway there! Keep going! Make sure you squeeze and engage your abdominal muscles. You are capable! Now get ready for a crab walk exercise. Staying in the inversion table position, walk forward by bringing your opposite hand and leg forward, then back, and repeat. Rest if you need a break, but push yourself, because I know you can! Work and engage your upper body, and challenge yourself! Next we have eccentric push-up lifts. Start in a plank position and lower yourself down very slowly to work on the eccentric part of the movement, then lie on your stomach and raise your hands up, then go back down, push yourself up and repeat. For low impact, just do pushups on your knees. Now it's time for some planks and jumps, nice and easy and you all know it. Keep it up guys! Get into inversion table position Bring your left leg in, while engaging your abs, then extend your leg straight out again and repeat, we're almost there, just four more exercises, you're in! Without any chance of rest, we repeat the same thing on the other leg, keep it up guys! Now lie flat on the floor, raise your legs straight up, and reach your opposite foot with your hands. Less than two minutes, guys! The next exercise is easy.. Now flip yourself over, and the high and low planks are next. You know this exercise! Make sure you engage your abs! Final exercises, let's finish this! Well, the last exercise! Start in a high plank position, push up, then sit up and go into child's position and repeat, just take it nice and slow. Do your best here, give it everything you have! That's the drill, guys! Well done! Now, I would really appreciate it if you hit the likes for me, leave us comments and I'll see you at the next workout. See you soon!

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