Back Workout for Women (No Equipment)

in today's video I'm going to show you how to get a tight toned back with unique moves like the Superman and the snow angel I'm Harley dokie and I'm on a mission to make you feel confident and unstoppable so let's get started [Music] hi guys and welcome to your back workout so we're doing 45 seconds on with 15 seconds off your first movement it's going to be a and burpees so all I want you to do is go down to the floor in a squat position jump back jump your feet back towards your chest and up every time you come up with what you squeeze your glutes and it also won't need to clap your hands above your head [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] great work guys so the next move we're going into is Superman's with a back squeeze so for this movement you almost want to be like you're hovering in the air and all you need to do is bring your arms to the front and squeeze as they go back make sure every single time that you were lifting you're squeezing your back blades and you're also lifting your feet off of the floor and your legs you just want to hold it for a second and then drop so lift up and squeeze and drop make sure to exhale every single time you're squeezing your back [Music] yeah [Music] great work guys so the next favorite new guys are going into is called snow angels so just imagine that you are in the snow and you are doing an angel shape so all you need to do is put your hands at the tip circle them around towards your hips at the same time I want you to open your legs enclosed in so open and background open and background with this movement you want to make sure that your whole body is hovering off of the floor the entire time this is going to help to really engage the muscles at the top of your back and also your lower really think about squeezing the back bustles here [Music] [Music] great work guys the next thing we're going into is swimmers so it's exactly as it says all you need to do is pretend that you are swimming so arms straight ahead and your feet just need to kick so up and kick now this movement is tough because you are going to be hovering the entire time with 45 seconds but just power through keep yourself focused on it getting that nice toned back and you will power through this [Music] [Applause] [Music] great work guys we're going into the next movement of this circuit which is going to be a walk out into the eighth plank so what we're gonna be doing is standing up and you're going to slowly move your arms forward on we'll cut into a plank position hold for a second and then come back up so plank and then walk yourself backwards now this is a slow mover it's going to be very controlled to you going to make sure that your navel is sucked into your spine you're moving your hands along the floor to engage your shoulders on the top of your back hold the plank and walk back [Music] but you get that great what so the final exercise in this circuit is going to be chair tap out we're going to be doing is standing facing me you're going to go in a slight squat position with your feet and all you're going to do is have your arms over and you're going to pull them down and step your legs out to the side so squeeze down and up squeeze down and up now this movement is going to help to engage the top of your shoulders with your back and it's also going to help to tone the side of your legs at the same time so make sure that navel is sucked into spine you're really squeezing down with your arms [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] fantastic guys so we are going to repeat that circuit all over again for a second time so remember the first movement you're going into is the Burpee so down back jump in clap if you want to pick up a pace to get the heart rate up in to burn some calories definitely pick it up here in this second it's circuit keep that core engaged the entire time and exhale as you come up and clap [Music] sorry [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] great work guys let's head on to the floor I get going with the second movement which is those Superman's [Music] [Applause] [Music] and outside down up and down really bring those legs up as high as you can squeeze the glutes engage the lower back and lift your chest as high off of the floor as you can squeeze the back and down please squeeze those shoulder blades together [Music] 15 second break here guys before we move into the next World Cup which is those snow angels so arms out in front of you and then bring them round touching the side of your hip so down and back up round and back up [Music] pay that 15 second break before we go into those swimmers so remember arms straight out in front [Music] and let's go if you just imagine that you're swimming really fast you want to keep your legs you want to keep your feet and then move those hands out in front of you really make sure that you're engaging your whole body in this so squeeze the legs squeeze the glutes squeeze the stomach squeeze those arms I know that one's tough but well done for doing it guys so let's move on to the next exercise systems a walkout to a plank so stand up and let's go so walk out in front plank look it back squeeze the glutes down to a plank hold back and squeeze keep going with this guy's [Music] I'm not seems like crybabies [Music] excellent so now you've got your final exercise this entire workout which is those chair tap outs so I'm gonna come into a slight ski squat position arms out to the fun at the side and then step out and squeeze with the shoulder blades at the back that's it guys let me keep that core engaged really bring the arms down with some force and tap that leg out [Music] that's it keep going squeeze and up squeeze and up step step to breathe during this routine excellent guys just put your arms up in front come down stretch it out and slowly bring yourself up or well done for completing your back workout so if you like this back workout make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now by clicking on the button below and if you want exclusive health and fitness tips then head over to holy dokey calm right now to sign up it's free now I want to turn it over to you which one of these moves did you feel the most let me know in the comments below [Music]

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