Best 20 min Intense Abs & Belly Burn Workout ~ Emi

welcome to my channel today's 20 minutes intense aft workout i'm putting together 30 of my favorite abs exercises that i most frequently do you're going to feel the intense burn in your belly upper abs side abs lower abs and the inner core that pull in and tighten our ways together no pain no gain if you're ready let's go 30 exercises each exercise 30 seconds on with 10 seconds rest in between first exercise crunch [Music] exercise curl up your mid section like a shrimp then hold and squeeze your abs for a second at the top activate that belly [Music] burn every word [Music] second next job [Music] exercise drop your leg one by one but keep them a few inches off the ground keep your belly pressed onto the floor don't arch your back work the lower abs [Music] third at bike i never [Music] we are not rushing it slow and controlled bring opposite elbow and knee to touch extend the other leg closer to the floor maximize the lower belly button [Music] fourth dead bug [Music] exercise lower opposite arm and leg close to the floor alternate sides i've been trying to go the other way but i can't seem to get you out of my head keep the f burn going you're killing it 10 seconds [Music] fifth hollow fly exercise again press your back onto the ground feel the burn this is what we are here for [Music] almost halfway through the first set keep up the great work [Music] next boat hold [Music] exercise sitting in v shape feet up parallel to the ground and just hold it here [Music] 15 seconds hang in there [Music] [Music] seventh plank twist exercise head to heel in one straight line core tight dip your hip to each side working your obliques to bring your torso back to center [Music] feel the burn in your side abs and inner core [Music] plank [Music] forearm on the floor engage the side abs to keep your torso up head to heel in straight line 20 seconds [Music] ten seconds [Music] exercise stronghold you can choose to have your hand on your waist or pointing towards the sky [Music] i'm talking money yeah i'm talking money [Music] everybody [Music] this is a tough one but it's also the last one in the set we'll get a one minute long rest after so stay with me here till the end we're not quitters each rap stronger and better [Music] foreign enjoy your well-deserved 60 seconds rest next set we're starting with lick rays [Music] focus [Music] you could call me filthy k.i.d [Music] [Music] starting second set strong with those lick raises keep your back pressed on the ground focus on using your lower abs for each wrap [Music] [Music] legs exercise elbows on the floor supporting your torso up legs in biking motion keeping the lower abs engaged [Music] oh [Music] 13th butterfly setup exercise soles of your feet together tap your hands on the ground above your head lying down then crunch your abs to sit up and tap your hands in front of your feet [Music] try go faster challenge yourself squeeze in a few more reps 14th cross crunch [Music] exercise place one foot on top of the other knee with the obliques to crunch towards the raised knee [Music] is [Music] change side exercise mind body connection focus on engaging the side abs for each rap [Music] sitting lick [Music] left exercise bring opposite knee and elbow to touch as you twist your torso and work the side and lower abs alternate sides oh you called again cancer not your phone call you know i'm sick of playing games you could hide your feelings [Music] look at me now [Music] rest 17th flutter cake to scissors [Music] exercise start with flutter kicks legs going up and down the lower they are to the floor the more challenging it is but only go as low as you could without arching your back we're switching to scissors in three two one chris cross your feet yes the burn is real but you are stronger than you think keep going come to me chicken bottle we can speed on the streets [Music] exercise feet off the ground twist your torso as you engage the side abs and tap the floor on each side behind your hip [Music] i want you to look at me now look what you made me do [Music] rest 19 crunch kick [Music] exercise sitting in v shape extend your feet and lower your back into a wider v then back to narrow b [Music] if it's easy anyone can do it challenge yourself and challenge your body [Music] 20th spider-man plank [Music] exercise an elbow plank core tight crunch the abs to bring one knee in towards the outside of your arms [Music] we're almost done with this set 10 seconds [Music] rest second set done one minute rest before we begin our final set 21st is bear crawl hold [Music] [Music] for what it's worth exercise get into all fours lift your knees up a few inches off the ground tighten the belly and just hold it [Music] keep it up here this [Music] [Music] 22nd bear crawl left [Music] exercise stay in bare core position lift one hand up at a time then one foot out [Music] feel the core burning this is the part that tightens our belly and pulls and aways get it [Music] 23rd lean back twist [Music] exercise slowly lean back by engaging your lower abs then twist your torso to tap your elbow to each side of the ground [Music] we are aiming for the slow burn here baby believe me a chance of you is what they get there's 24th toes touch exercise toes pointing up to the sky crunch your abs and reach for the toes focus on squeezing the abs and belly go faster [Music] rest 25th reverse crunch [Music] exercise lift your hips up legs towards the sky crunching the abs then lower back down straight legs a few inches off the ground [Music] this is how we make progress [Music] [Music] next q touch [Music] squeeze your side abs to reach for the heel on each side [Music] only four more exercises left after this let's get it done [Music] 27th we up [Music] exercise lift the torso and licks up at the same time in the v shape reach for the ankles [Music] our belly is on fire keep it burning [Music] 28th side elbow knee touch cause i know and you know what exercise squeeze the obliques to bring elbow and knee to touch [Music] [Music] rest 29th at the site [Music] [Music] now all i have to do is [Music] final exercise of this workout windshield wiper [Music] exercise lift your legs from side to side as if their windshield wipers targeting the obliques and the lower abs here [Music] we are so close to the end give it your all [Music] we are done good job give yourself a pet on the shoulder yes your abs are going to be sore tomorrow it means the exercises work remember to stretch before you go and i'll see you again very soon [Music]

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