Relaxing Stretch Routine – Day 4 Summer Shape Up Challenge

[Music] okay guys so i want you to start facing me this is just going to be an easy simple stretching routine so we're going to be seated on our knees and all we're going to do is we're going to inhale and exhale inhale and exhale now i want you to put one hand on the floor reach up above you i want you to look up at your elbow feel that stretch right down the side of your body relax and breathe into it come up right onto the other side so palm of the hand on the floor stretching over looking up at your elbow breathing and sinking into your ribs wonderful come up wanting to open your legs a little bit wider and i just want you to come forward into a child's pose i want you to really reach forward as far as you can i want to really open up your back muscles here stretch open and just sink into it amazing work okay we need to slowly come up and now i want you to come to the end of your mat we're going to be in standing position we're going to inhale exhale inhale then i want you to drop to the floor and just really drop into this really feel the stretch at the back of the legs here back of the knees roll up nice and slowly then what i want you to do is i want your legs to be hip width apart slightly wider about the width of the mat i just want you to sink down really feel yourself opening up your hips here if this is too much for you you're welcome to put something here to hold you for extra stability then i want you to just come up sink down into the floor again open up those you can rock back and forth if that feels good excellent now in this position i just want you to come out into a lunge so stretch one leg out this is a deep lunge you can get all the way into the floor that'd be amazing if you can't just go into a regular lunge come up you should feel this really stretching out the inner thigh by the groin just sink into it breathe amazing i want you to travel straight on over to the other side of the leg drop down again use your elbow to kind of push against your leg you can really feel that stretch go deeper into the inner thigh area just breathe nice and slowly excellent work okay now i want you to come center i want you to drop your head and then just come walk on over to your right side make sure you're leading with your chest not your head feel that stretch down the back of your legs now come on over to the other side walk it over slowly make sure you're breathing in and out excellent work okay now i just want you to come down onto all fours we're just going to do a simple cat cow position to really help loosen the spine a little bit we've been pounding our backs with these workouts so i want you to inhale arch your back and exhale release the pressure in the lower back let's do that again so inhale and exhale let's do that one more time and exhale now if you just want to rock back on your knees here feel that loosening up the lower spine that always feels good okay so now what i want you to do is i want you to take one arm i want you to place it slightly in front of you if the other hand up i'm going to do just through the needle so we're going to pass it through and you're going to bring that shoulder onto the floor bring your head down and relax stretch out that supporting arm just hold it here for a second just stretching out the top of our shoulders and our backs okay then you want to come back up again lift that arm up to the air and then thread it through one more time just hold it there for me amazing with that arm up and let's set it through one more time excellent make sure you're keeping those hips parallel okay come up into the center we're going to repeat that on the other side so again move one hand slightly forward the other arm's going to stretch up and then it's going to slide through your other hand bring that shoulder onto the floor relax the head keep those hips nice and neutral and lift that supporting arm out just release any tension breathe into the movement okay let's come up and repeat that again so arm up look follow it with your eyes to your hands thread it through one more time come down relax on the floor and then one more time lift it up and push it through fantastic okay then for the final movement i just want you to be seated on me and i just really want to get into the hips and the glutes so what we're going to do is your legs are going to be in front one leg is going to come underneath that top supporting leg is going to wrap around your knee almost like you're in a ball position take the opposite hand place it on the knee twist and look back now you should feel a really good stretcher in your glutes just hold that for me for a few seconds breathe through release really hold on to that leg we're just going to be going onto a static hold here excellent release then now we're going to switch our legs so the other leg is going to come underneath top leg is going to go round opposite hand wraps around that knee hand to the back twist around and again feel that tension releasing in the glutes for me this side is definitely the trickier side you might have one side that's loose than the other that is perfectly normal just really breathe and sink into it excellent work well done guys that's the end of your stretching routine and i will see you tomorrow for another workout so guys that's the end of the workout if you enjoyed this don't forget to hit the like button also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and i hope you guys are enjoying this free 30-day challenge if you are do not forget to join the free community that i have given you guys access to that gives you access to me personally so you can ask me anything that you like we're a community full of amazing people where we're going to be inspiring motivating and supporting one another sharing our top tips hacks recipes nutrition you name it we're all going to be doing it inside this app so make sure you join now for free in the description box below

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