BEST 30 MIN FULL BODY FAT BURN WORKOUT (with No Jumping Options) #EmiTransform

Hi, I'm emi, I know you love long workouts, especially this 30 minute one, so it's time for a new experience. This is the last sheet for the full body. Burn Fat We will work your core abdominal muscles, arms, thighs and leg muscles with super fun and effective exercises and there will be no jumping options for the entire exercise Subscribe Turn on the notification and let's go This workout has six sets and we will do four exercises for two rounds in each set. Each exercise is 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest. We will have a longer rest time of 20 seconds between each set. The first group. The first exercise is the squat windmill get your body moving and the burn starts you are tapping it and it is already a first step closer to your goals all you have to do now is finish the stroke the second exercise is a punch and kick a strong kick a strong and powerful punch with power to get the most out of this exercise the third is a lateral jump Or you can choose the fingers of the no-jump option. Exercise We activate the burn. Let it begin the work. The fourth is a lunge to the side and reach. Make sure your knees are at a 90-degree angle when you dive. We control each movement to maximize the benefits Time for the second round of the squat mill Let's go You've done all of these exercises already so challenge yourself to do them better and stronger this time Punch and kick You're killing it Focus on your goals Seven lateral jump or toes Kick Touch Another exercise from the lunge Set to the side And reach We're almost done with the first set of 20 seconds of rest will soon become a reality This is not the time to work slide The first set is done rest for 20 seconds the next set. We're working on our first ab exercise. This is the straight arm crunch. The arm is straight behind your head. Press your back into the floor and contract your abs to slowly curl your torso like a shrimp. Pause at the top to intensify the burn and then go down slowly but do your best not to arch your back off the floor. You'll get an intense burn. The second is to reverse the leg cross. Work your lower abs to lift the hip and legs up with one straight leg, alternating sides. Enjoy the burn is what we're here for The third one is the two-toe crunch Focus on moving your abdomen for each lift. We're using your abs but not your neck Ab Clap Clap Back flat on the floor leaving no space between your abs for the lift and the clap Now let's start round two of the static arm crunch This is my new favorite ab exercise because it burns so well. no pain. No Gain Next Cross Leg Leg Reverse Cross No need to rush here Be careful to work your lower abs to lift up through the leg Seventh Crunch to Toes Last exercise of the set 20 seconds of rest in the clap Squeeze your abs for each twist to allow the core to do the work Rest for 20 seconds and get ready for the plank exercises for the third group to exercise the entire body, especially the abdominal muscles, stomach, core, waist and shoulders. The first exercise is to walk with high planks. Here we go. Right arm. Right leg. Left arm. Left leg. Then return to the left with the left arm. Left leg. Right hand. The key to the right leg is. Tighten your core so that you're in one straight line from head to heel Don't let your butt go up The second one is a plant climber for a circle like the first sucks in your stomach and really tightens your stomach every time you bring your knee towards your arms The third switch side The effort is the choice of the system is the choice. They're all our own choices You're the one who decides how far you go in life Wait there's less than 15 seconds to move forward The fourth is Tricep Dips Bridge Two Bend your elbows to dip your hips toward the floor and then push yourself up from the back into the arms into a stubborn slouch. Here lift your hip as high as possible while squeezing your booty and tightening your abs to bridge Round 2 Let's Get High Walking Plant Climber for Circle Every success comes from hard work and determination Love success. This is what I aim for, so I don't give up when things feel right instead. I press more Don't be your own robot The success you can achieve is beyond your imagination All you need is to believe in yourself and choose the work day after day The last exercise for the third group The two bridges dip We are in the middle of the fourth group, standing back up The first exercise is the squat calf raise down Until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keep your chest up as you stand. Lift your heels off the floor to raise the leg. The second is a side lunge. Dip with your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Keep going you'll thank yourself one day for every rep you're currently doing Switch legs fourth is the good old wall sit exercise Back on the wall until sitting on thighs parallel to the floor Arms raised in front Just relax here. Don't forget to breathe and let the burn build up in your thighs Have fun Learning to love it Appreciate and thank you for achieving your goals You did it once Now let's do it again To complete this squat set for the sixth calf raise is a side lunge Legs switch Good job The last exercise of the set is already sitting on the wall I We've come a long way so it's not easy I left only two sets to the floor The first exercise of our fifth set Straight arm crunch circuit Just like the straight arm crunch but this time we're lifting our torso up to draw a circle while grinding our muscles while keeping our back flat on the floor Change direction after 15 Second 3 2 1 Key The second is a dead bug Slowly tighten your abs and abs under the opposite arm and leg keeping your abs engaged and leaving no space between your back and the floor Alternate sides Third We work our back with a Superman fly Raise your arms and legs as high as possible Feel the burn in Your fourth back is a hollow lake falling burning

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