Best Exercises For Burning Calories

are you guys ready to burn lots of calories awesome then you're in the right place because today on EX set you're training for today Rebecca Louise is going to be taking you through an awesome workout that's going to get you burning those calories okay let's start let's do 30 seconds of jumping jacks let's get that heart rate up you going to be burning lots of calories today and remember the hard do you work the more calories you're going to be burning woo everyone really excited for today's work workout yes we are we're going to be getting our energy levels up and getting our bodies into shape every exercise we're just going to be doing for 30 seconds or a minute that's it come on you've got this we're going to go into high knees three two one let's bring those knees up just 30 seconds of high knees use those arms too if you use your arms you're going to be working and burning more calories come on guys you've got thiso it's just about 8 minutes long burning loads of calories getting into shape for summer that's it guys 10 more seconds five 4 3 two one going to go into squat jumps everybody's favorite be working those glutes at the same time as you come down into the squat stick your booty out out put your chest up to the ceiling is your heart rate up good cuz mine is come on guys you got this if you want to modify you can just take out that jump you're still going to be working Calories burning it off just not as much okay we're going to take it into alternating lunges backwards now when you do this I want you to check your knee Bend down check that your knee isn't over your toe are you feeling out of breath you getting hot great that means your heart rate's up you're burning calories you're working you're going to get load of AD jaline after you finish but let's keep it going we've had an excellent start five 4 3 2 1 bring it back round we're going to be doing one minute we've got a squat and tap so just pushing your booty down as if you're going to be sitting into that chair lift up and we just going to tap out to the sides watch those knees again we know how to do squats we're want to protect our knees we don't want any injuries right this is a minute okay we're going to be burning so many calories in fact we're going to be burning a million okay keep it going squat down touch to the side you got you got to keep going you're going to see it in you see the passion see the drive working burning calories and this is great for your booty too and you're going to feel it in those quads so you're going to be feeling the burn pretty soon that's it keep inhaling and exhaling want to make sure that we're getting the oxygen to our muscles is going to be enable us to keep going just 5 Seconds to go three two one take it down to the ground we have 30 seconds straight away just jump it in here so just think of yourself as a frog ribbit ribbit that is definitely the sound of frog mates for sure that's it guys 30 seconds I'm feeling hot my heart rate is up my quads are burning I'm feeling good you guys can do this too keep pushing yourself less than 10 seconds to go great job guys three two one right come back up to standing I want you to use your right leg first is this sometimes a bit mixed up so right leg first you're going to take it back and we're going to bring it up you're 30 seconds of each now this I really need to concentrate so if I'm not looking at you I'm not ignoring you I just need to look straight ahead because if you look at something that you're fixed on it's going to help your more you're going to be better with your balance you see as I slightly looked at you there I'm losing my balance okay just 30 seconds of each of these you got five four 3 2 one that feels good though let's take it on to the left leg fix on something fix on me if you have to look at me on your screen bring the knee up to the chest and down watch that knee doesn't go over with the toe lots of things to remember I know it's going to be worth it it's going to be worth it when we get those results excellent job everyone halfway through our workout five 4 3 2 one 30 seconds of skater hops come on you can do this just bring one of the legs behind you can do really big jumps if you want to remember the harder you work the more calories you're going to burn if you just do this normally just going to be a million you do it really hard going be 1.1 million you got this guys come on burning all those calories five four 3 2 one let's keep on burning that million calories let's bring it down to the floor we are going to do mountain climbers for 1 minute make sure your back is nice and flat you want those hands underneath your shoulders so just check they're in the right place and bring that knee in towards the chest now if you want to increase it you can run the mountain climbers depending on what type of floor you're on I haven't got any shoes on it's a little bit slippy for me so I'm just going to concentrate on doing it nice slow and controlled this is going to be really good for your abs as well as well as your shoulder muscles and those arms wo okay we got a minute of these we've got 30 seconds of another exercise and then the same again okay so you're almost through you can do this you can do it all the way through to the end how are we feeling everyone 10 seconds to go breathe inhaling and exhaling five 4 3 2 one now push-ups for 30 seconds get yourself in position I'm going to come onto my knees so my hands are going to be slightly wider than my shoulders back straight I'm going to come up and down for 30 seconds good I can feel it in my shoulders and if you can you can come up onto your toes I think I can only manage of three of these but it's definitely more than when I started seven months ago so definitely an improvement that I'm seeing in my body just one and a half minutes of exercise left we can do this switch over one of my favorite exercises we have got bicycles slow and controlled really try and twist your body so we're going to be working those obliques too and that's a side muscle here so think about putting your opposite elbow to opposite knee God this feels good doesn't it yes tell me I can feel the burn Rebecca yes you can I promise you it's going to be worth it in the end once you've got through this and you burn all those calories oh just think how good you're going to feel now push it keep it going you just got 30 seconds to do after this and breathe come on guys no one's giving up on me now you got to keep keep it going 10 seconds breathe are you ready to spring up five 4 3 two one up you get straight away and we're going to opposite arm to opposite knee again like we were on the bicycles just really crunch think about someone really punching you in the stomach now keep breathing Sometimes When We Stand Up we can feel a little bit dizzy and that's because we're not getting enough air into our lungs that's giv us the oxygen that we need that's some 10 seconds to go you have g

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