Get Shredded for the Summer! 15 min Standing HIIT Workout

Hey guys, it's the new summer challenge for 2023! This is a four-week program. We have five new episodes to help you on your fitness journey this summer. Make sure this workout is on site so you can get the full schedule. You can also make new friends by joining the team and completing the challenge together. I want to see how you guys are progressing through these 4 weeks, so send me feedback, tag me on your progress, and share your results on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube. So are you guys ready?! Let's go! We have 17 exercises across three sets in this full-body HIIT workout. 40 seconds of exercise, and 10 to 20 seconds of rest in between. Stand up straight and start with the scissors movement. While keeping your abdominal muscles engaged, alternate your feet and arms like this. If you're new to my workouts, or if you don't want to jump, just follow the low-impact alternatives. Rest for ten seconds now, and we'll move on to jumping jacks and squats. Start by squatting low, then jump with both feet into jumping jacks, then jump back in, and repeat. For low impact, just leave out the hops. Rest for ten seconds now, and a jump and side lunge are next. Start with a deep lunge to one side with a lunge, then push yourself up, bring your knee to your hip, do a vertical jump, and repeat. Just take it nice and slow, and leave jumps if you need to. Great job guys! Relax, and we'll work on the other side. Remember, if you are a beginner, you need to finish the exercises and do your best in proper form. Just rest whenever you need to. Relax everyone, butt kicks are next. Just two more exercises and you'll be set 1! Start with a light jog, then kick your heels toward your butt. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles as you move your arms and legs. You guys are doing great, rest, squats and pulses is next. Squat low to squat pulse. Do as many pulses as you can, rest if you need to, then repeat! This is set 1 guys! We've got a 20-second break now, but you can pause the video if you need a longer break. I hope you are resting well! Let's start the next set with Lange Scissors. Start with the scissors like this, as before, then jump into a deep lunge. Then step back and lunge on the other leg. If this is too difficult, you can stick to regular scissors, or just follow the low-impact alternatives. Rest for 10 seconds now, and we have a crank and a kick. Start with a crank followed by a kick. Make sure to engage your abdominal muscles and reach your hands to touch your feet. For a kick, do it if you're able to. It's an abs workout here, so make sure you engage your core muscles for this exercise. Great job guys! Rest quickly again, and we'll go on the other side. As before, make sure you engage your abdominal muscles, and take your time with these exercises. Rest for 10 seconds again, and our squats. We're more than halfway through the exercise, and we're doing a great job of getting there. Make sure you get to the end of the exercise with the rest of us. Legs shoulder-width apart, squat down, and back up. We work the glutes and legs. Engage your glutes and feel that burn, guys! Great job guys! Side knee raises from the second set. Raise your knees high, to the level of your hips, one at a time, as some people do, then start moving horizontally from side to side like this. For low impact, just do some slow knee raises. Focus on your breathing here and engage your abdominal muscles. Great job guys! This is set 2! Pause the video here to get more comfortable. Well, it's time to finish the final collection! Get ready because we have sumo squats. Place your feet wider than shoulder width apart, and now engage with your abdominal muscles and squat. This exercise works your lower body, especially your inner thighs and glutes, so you should feel it there. Keep it up guys! We only have five exercises. Great job, guys! Rest, jumping jacks are next. Jump with both feet out to your sides while raising your hands overhead. Do it as quickly as possible, but make sure you stay balanced, straight, and engage your abdominal muscles. For low impact, just leave out the hops. Rest for 10 seconds now, and side lunges are next. Start with lang to one side, then to the other side, and repeat. Make sure you do a downward lunge and push off the ground with your foot to raise yourself up and repeat. Great job guys, we're almost done, just three more exercises! Relax and we have krangs and twists. Start with one foot behind you, lift your knee up as you twist like this, giving your abs a good krang. Try between the two sides and give your stomach a good exercise. Rest for 10 seconds now, and side walk and touch is next. Start in a half squat, walk a few steps to one side, press out like this and then repeat on the other side. Maintain a semi-squat position if you can. Just one more exercise after this. Keep it up guys! Great job guys! Rest, and we'll finish this exercise with butt kicks. As before, raise your heels toward your butt, one at a time. Make sure you engage your abs. You can do it slow with the low-impact version like me, or do the version with jumps like before, and let's finish this exercise! That's the drill, guys! Great job getting to the end of this exercise. Send me comments that you finished this exercise, and tell me how this exercise made you feel. Stay tuned with the rest of the schedule, and I'll see you guys at the next workout! Goodbye!

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