Best Exercises For Hip Osteoarthritis

hey guys dr christie ennis today we are going to go over how to get some more mobility and strength in that hip that's giving you pain right like burgess meredith said someday you wake up and you realize you're not 81 anymore so hopefully we can get you feeling back to at least 60 right so important like i said mobility and strength we can't change the actual joint but we're going to get the exercises to build around there so the i'm going to show you with my right hip today because yes i have issues and yes that is the side that i have issues with so if you get to a wall or your bed which we're going to do the rest of the exercises on i'm trying to get some gliding motion into this right hip so i'm going to hang on with that left hand hand goes or the web space goes basically on the top of that right hip and then i'm pushing that hip in so my legs are a little bit away right you can even add a little bit of neck motion in there too right joints don't glide nearly as well when we start to have arthritis in here and motion is lotion so we're getting those joints to glide a little bit if it hurts the neck obviously take that part out okay the rest of these like i said are going to be lying right down how wonderful is that so you can do them right on your bed if you want to get on the ground you can too i'm just going to go this way so you guys can see my right hip so a lot of times all motion becomes limited so we're actually going to take this towel roll and it's a lovely white one you're going to put it right in the joint we're going to help to get a little bit more motion in this direction with our knee so i'm going to keep that towel there and i'm going to pull this hip up gently and kind of let it go okay so it's just that gentle little pull really try to get that towel right in there this just provides a little buffer basically okay a little bit of force to the joint if you want to try to get a little bit more range of motion here too you can take and you can take whichever hand you want certainly but you can get a little isometric contraction so i can push down into my hand as my hand pushes up and then try to come up a little bit more so do a few in that direction and then you'll go the other way so hand pushes down leg pushes up and again just kind of going back and forth with this here just trying to get those muscles to do what we want them to do if we can't get that joint to do exactly what we want it to do and then you'll notice hopefully that you actually will have a little bit more range of motion without that pinching okay second one is going to be in this position too you're going to keep your leg right where it is and you're just gonna add a little bit of rotation notice i don't go far in either direction use pain as a guideline here and this is not supposed to hurt you okay so we're just going to we go oh okay i feel that a little bit and again motion is lotion it may be kind of going ah a little bit but we'll hopefully try to get that better as we go all right so we got the glide the knee in and then once that knee is then we're adding a little rotation to it too from there you're going to go on to your side and i'm going to swing around so you guys can see me here we're going to get rid of this towel as lovely as it is i'm going to take out that mic too okay you're going to bend both of those knees heels are going to go together i'm going to be pretty straight in one straight line as i do this now we're going to lift that top knee up so we're working on strength through this side butt muscle as well as range of motion into rotation so there's three we'll get 10 okay four five six seven feel free certainly to do these on both sides two more sometimes you actually can get a little overflow from the other side the side that moves well helps the side that doesn't move well actually all right so get the opposite motion knees are gonna come together and then i'm gonna lift that top leg up for one two three working on everything that's limited four five six seven 8 9 and 10 now i'm going to keep these legs bent but i'm going to lift this whole top leg up and then i'm going to add a little rotation that way and i'm going to rotate down now notice obviously my range of motion is a little bit limited i'm trying not to move too much with that top leg just getting that lower leg to rotate that gets the rotation in through the hip and boy oh boy is that working right now again use pain as a guideline please don't make any of these hurt some of these may not feel great so skip them and that's totally okay yep and i actually am getting a tiny bit more range of motion as i go you can tell that i was definitely tight to begin with here good okay one last exercise you're going to go on your back and again range of motion and strength here you guys have probably seen me do this one before love the bridge hands down squeeze into those buns and you're gonna lift up so we're actually stretching in through here but using those glutes at the same time to help support so here's two three don't go up so high that you arch your back four five but engaging the glutes actually loosens the hip flexors six seven eight nine one more ten awesome job today guys if you like this information please subscribe and stay tuned for more

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