Blast Fat in 10 min! Full Body Standing TABATA Workout for Summer ~ Emi

By popular demand We're back with another 10-minute HIIT that's going to give you the ultimate full body burn with authentic exercises Which is another thing that a lot of you requested so that you can do it literally anywhere without a mat This workout will be into battle formats of each exercise will be 20 seconds with 10 seconds for us in between So get ready for a good sweat before we start a lot of you have been asking me which deodorant I used to In my workout so I'm gonna show you guys I also use them too because Emi always says that I'm stinky- Yes you are!- but not anymore with this So this is PMS the other and zette. This is the spray version and this is the roll-on version They are the healthier the other and options compared to traditional Deodorants because the way they work is that they quickly absorb any pepper and sweat instead of blocking your sweat glands If you can't sweat, it means your body cannot be toxic by itself which is really bad for your health and traditional deodorants can only tackle the bacteria in sebum while these products are infused with new and You're in sweat antibacterial Technology, which eliminates the root causes of odor including the bacteria in both sebum and sweat so they can tackle older Comprehensively and effectively which tech really needs. Hey. Hey. Hey, excuse me. You guys know that some of my workouts get us all sweaty so this really helps to keep my skin smooth and dry even as a heavy sweat on a humid day when we go – Travel it helps prevent odor and sweat for the whole days. You don't need to keep reapplying it It smells so good. I hope this answer a question. And if you're ready for the workout, let's go Let me go let me fall. We will first warm up with jumping. Jack to get our body ready for the fat-burning Exercise arms up legs out arms back down licks packet doing awesome push harder Let's start strong and set a tone for a kickass workout Is you've been away is awesome Second exercise is toe touch to work on the ABS! Exercise Crunch you're abs rise one leg at a time and tap it with your opposite hand Be mindful here to really try use your lower ab to lift your leg up every time Third is high need to get the cardio in and blast effect Exercise Hop up by tracking one knee toward your palm followed by the other .Hop higher and faster to burn more fat. Push it remember what you're here for Fourth standing at by to target a burn in the ABS, especially the ablick Exercise Cruch your ab and twist your upper body as you raise one knee up to touch it with the opposite elbow Keep going on the side for 20 seconds Fifth is the same movement in the other side Remember you are using abs here not just swinging your body and leg around. You are doing Great! One fourth of the workout done. Six is the classic squats perfect for the legs booty and abs Sit back and down until thighs are atleast parallel to the core Keep your chest up then squeeze your butt to push yourself back up Feel the burn in your legs enjoy it keep going Seven we're targeting the burn in our arms with air flight Exercise I'm straight lift them up and down at the rear flight Put more power into it. It makes a huge difference to how much fat you are burning Hey, it's cross over hi knee to take the fat burning to the next level This is similar to high knee but this time we're tapping our knee with opposite head The faster you go the more powerful you jump the more results you see and we're on to a nice exercise already front light That one leg forward and lower your heads until both legs have been at about a 90 degree angle Push back up to starting position and alternate between sides go as fast as you can make every rep count Ten, is my favorite PUNCH AND JUMP I see jock punch one arm out for every two steps and alternate between sides The harder you punch, the more burn you get .Give it your all And we're halfway through 11 is reversed lunch Exercise take a big step back with one leg lower it until both legs are a 90 degree angle Then squeeze your foot as you push yourself back up and step both feet together Asana side to lunch back. No stopping. You got this 12 is the cross jump squat get ready to push through this one What down and as you come up jump up explosively into the air and land with your legs cross Then jump up again and this time going back down to a squat repeat for 20 seconds. I know it burns no pain No gain, always remember that And you did it next one we can take a little break with paws chop to work the arm Exercise hands together about one shoulder then chop down to the opposite side swing back up and chop to the other side Give me powerful chops through the burn in the back of your arms 14s jump lunge for more cardio you can hate me now, but you'll thank me. Later Exercise jump up and let into a lunge position With one foot forward and one foot at the back both knees bent and around 90 degree angle jump up again and alternate side Jump higher .Jump faster .Do it together with me. We're not stopping Don't worry no jumping in the next one .15 is wall pushup Hands on the wall in front of your shoulders I'm straight walk your feet a few steps back bend your elbows and lower your body towards the wall then push yourself back up Remember to engage your core if it's easy walk a few more steps back. Let it burn 16th is side lunge for inner and outer sides working on the right side first Legs wide apart bend your right knee and sit back down to the right all weights should be on the right leg and Push through your heel to starting position Repeat on the side until timer Yes, next one is the same but working the left leg Exercise Focus guys listen two minutes left for this workout. Let's finish it with a bang in epic fire I feel it deep deep Don't you feel 18 but giving outside as a final burn with side bend Exercise slowly bend to the right and work your abs to lift your body back up repeat on the side for 10 seconds and switch 3,2,1 switch Really use the power of your side activate your fire Good what only two more to go, nine his crap wash Exercise lower your butt down to a half squat position Squeeze your glutes as you take a step to the side keep walking and half squat pose We're not standing up until timer is up. Sit lower form for more bridge The last exercise was– it looks simple well you've gotta try this Sit down with your back leaning on the wall. Your legs are a 90 degree angle Your hands are not holding onto your legs or wall. Just hold it there. No quitting guys. Only a few more seconds Hold it to the end with me And we got it done! Amazing what you guys hope you caught a good burn You're welcome to come back for more any time. stretch it out You can go to my full body stretch videos that I'll link right up here You see not much odor and not much sweat! Mmm you smell so good muah muah Help – Blast Fat in 10 min! Full Body Standing TABATA Workout for Summer ~ Emi

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