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It's time to work that booty! And you can use dumbbells or resistance bands for this workout. But don't worry if you don't have any, because I've included no equipment alternatives for every exercise. Now, you can find the full schedule on my website, and do share your journey on Youtube, Instagram, Tik-Tok, or even join my Discord server if you're looking for workout buddies. So smash that thumbs up button, and leave a comment down below if you have any questions, and let's get started! We've got 18 exercises today. 40 seconds on and 5 to 20 seconds off. Get on your mat and we're starting with glute bridge abductions. Have a resistance band around your thighs and a dumbbell on your hips, then thrust upwards and open up your legs and repeat. Remember to keep your core engaged and squeeze your glute muscles and have that mind-muscle connection. For low impact, we're doing regular glute bridges. Next we are doing a single leg glute bridge. Have your left foot over your right knee and do some bridges. Similar to before, pause at the top for a second or two, and squeeze your glutes, then come back down. Now, on to the other leg. I'm using my own resistance bands here. So, if you're interested in picking a set, you can find it on my website. Alright, nice work guys. Get in a seated position and put your dumbbell aside for this one. Place your palms on the side for support, and open up your legs. You're working on your glutes here, so focus on your form and your butt. Do it slow and controlled and feel the burn. Now flip around on all fours, and we're doing some glute kickbacks with pulses. With your bands around your thighs, raise your leg up like-so, and pulse several times. Make sure you squeeze your glutes as you do those pulses. Do it slow and controlled. And now, on to the other side. Now, stay in the same position, and we're doing some fire hydrant extensions. We're lifting our legs to the side as much as we can, without compromising our form. Then extend out your leg and do a kick. Slow and steady and focus on engaging your glute muscles. And now we're swapping to the other leg. Great work, guys! Take a longer break here if you want to, and get in position for the next exercise. Place a light dumbbell between your feet and curl upwards, working your hamstrings and your butt. Be safe, go slow and steady, and you should be using a light dumbbell to start with. Just to be safe. Now, get upright and get your resistance band ready, and we're doing some lateral walks. Squat down slightly as you walk two steps to one side. Then lift your leg up sideway. Then repeat on the other side. Now, put your bands aside and grab a dumbbell, and we're doing a staggered dead lift. Have one leg bended behind for support, then lower your dumbbell down by pushing your hips back, while maintaining a neutral back. Then get back up and repeat. Having your foot like-so, really helps to focus on your glutes. Mind-muscle connection, guys. Now, let's move on to the other side. Great work, guys! We've got six exercises left. We're doing a lateral to curtsy lunge now. Firmly grip your dumbbell like-so and do a lateral lunge. Then followed by a curtsy lunge and repeat. And now, on to the other side. Focus on your form and your glutes, guys. You can do this! Next we are doing some sumo squats. Make sure your back is neutral, feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your chest up and squat down. Do some pulses when you're in a squat position, and feel the burn on your glutes. Alright, grab your resistance band again and get them on your thighs. Position yourself on a sofa or chair or even the side of bed. Make sure it's a safe place for you to do some hip thrust. Else, you can do the ow impact version. Place your dumbbell on your hips and thrust upwards, and pause for a second or two on top and squeeze your glutes. Once you are familiar with hip thrust, you can move on and increase the weight, but this is a great exercise for your glutes. Just make sure you engage your core and not arch your back. Do it safe. Next we've got Bulgarian split squat. Place your feet on your sofa, or your chair, or bed like-so, with your dumbbell off to the side. Then lunge downwards. Do it slow and controlled and adjust the distance if you need to. Make sure you're doing it safe. Last exercise, guys! Let's move on to the other side. Remember to keep your core and glutes engaged the entire time. And that's the workout! I hope your glutes are feeling the burn! Smash that like button if you enjoyed this workout. Subscribe if you haven't already, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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