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We've got an upper-body workout today. We're working our back, chest, and arms. You can hop onto my website for more details and to find a day-by-day schedule. We're getting more interactive this time, so submit your measurements and progress so I can feature your results in a video. Bret and I will also be answering your questions, so drop a comment down below, and you can also join my Discord server if you're looking for workout buddies. Shout out to Bret for working with me on this! This program is completely free, so all you have to do is to put that effort in, and you're gonna get peachy. So smash that like button, share this with anyone who needs it, and let's get into the workout. We'll need a set of light and heavy dumbbells for this workout. If you don't have any, just get familiar with the exercises, and use alternatives you can find at home. We've got four supersets repeated twice, with rest in-between. Sit on a mat and we're gonna start with chest press. Set your dumbbells on your hips with your knees bent, then slowly lay back on the mat. Press the weights up over your chest by contracting your triceps and chest. Slowly lower the weight until both elbows touch the mat, then press dumbbells back to the starting position. Have your dumbbells tilted at 45 degrees, so they don't knock one another when you press up, and make sure your elbows aren't flaring out to 90 degrees. Keep them at around 45 degrees or less. Don't lock your elbows if you're lifting heavy weights. Now moving on to chest fly. We'll take a few seconds rest to get ready for the next exercise. Use lighter weights for this exercise if you can. Again, press the weights up over your chest with your palms facing each other in a neutral grip. Lower the weights down in an arching motion, keeping a slight bend on your elbows. When your elbows hit the floor, squeeze the dumbbells back together in an arching motion. Focus on squeezing your pecs. We're done with this set! Pause the video and get sufficient rest, and we'll repeat this superset one more time. Again, make sure you press the dumbbells tilted at 45 degrees, and your elbows at around 45 degrees. Squeeze your pecs. Now, shift to lighter weights and get ready to do some chest flies. Keep a slight bend on the elbow, and squeeze the dumbbells together in an arching motion. Now, we're done with this superset. The next superset focuses on your back and biceps. Next, we have bent over row. Stand upright with your dumbbells by your side in a neutral grip. Hinge on your hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor, then pull the dumbbells towards your body, and drive the elbows behind the body while retracting your shoulder blades. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Avoid bouncing up and down too much. We are moving on to bicep curl. Take a few seconds rest to get into position, and let's start by standing upright. Hold the dumbbells with palms facing forward. Keep your upper arm stable then bend at the elbow and lift the dumbbells up. Make sure your elbows are tucked in and not moving around while doing bicep curls. Only your lower arms are moving, and do it slow and controlled. Don't swing your upper body. Keep your core tight and shoulders relaxed. We're done with the first set! Take some time to rest, and we're gonna start the second set. We have bent over row again. Make sure you're not bouncing up and down too much. Don't use the momentum to bring the weight up. A little bit of bouncing is fine, but do the exercise in a controlled manner. Great work! Now, let's do some bicep curls. Set yourself up in the upright position, then curl the weights up. Do it slow and controlled and don't swing or move your upper arms. Keep them still. We're done with the second superset! Pause the video for a longer break. The next exercise is shoulder press. Start by standing upright with a neutral, straight back. Bring the dumbbells above your shoulders, then press upwards over your head in a controlled manner. Try to not knock your dumbbells and also don't lock your elbows, especially if you're using heavy weights. We're doing lateral raise after a short rest. I'll normally opt for lower weights for this exercise, as we are using smaller muscle groups for this. Again, stand upright, back straight. Hold your dumbbells in a neutral grip, then raise your dumbbells up to your shoulder level, with a slight bend on your elbows. Then lower your dumbbells down slowly. Do not swing, don't use the momentum, focus on using your lateral delts. Don't go over your shoulders if your focus is not on training your traps. We're done with this set! Take a longer break here to rest up those muscles, and we have one more set to go for this superset. We're halfway through the workout guys, keep it up! Not long to go. Let's start with shoulder press again. Make sure your back is not arched and focus on your form. Moving on to lateral raise straight away. Switch to lighter weights. Make sure you're not swinging your body when you're doing it. Focus on your lateral delts. That's it for this superset! You've done well. We have one more superset left to go. Pause the video for a longer break. We're gonna be working our triceps and upper back next. Let's start with overhead tricep extension. Stand upright, back straight with dumbbells over your head, keeping your upper arms still. Lower the dumbbells behind your head with your elbows pointing forward. Make sure your elbows are not pointing out to the side, and that your upper arms are staying still. Straight away, we are moving on to a rear delt fly. Stand upright, hip-width apart and dumbbells by your side, then hinge on your hips until your torso is almost parallel to the floor. Then raise your dumbbells up, retracting your shoulder blades. You can pause for a second here, then lower your dumbbells down in a controlled manner. Make sure you're not bouncing your body up and down here, too. We're almost done with the workout! Just one more set to go! You can do this! We're doing tricep extension again. Make sure your upper arm stays still and your elbows pointing forward and not outward. Let's smash this! You can do it! We're doing rear delt fly straightaway. Again, make sure you're not bouncing your body up and down too much while you're doing this exercise. And that's it for this superset! We have just two more exercises left to complete the workout. Pause here if you need a longer break. Don't give up now, you can do this! We have 10 reps of push-ups next. Start in a high plank, then lower your body down in a controlled manner. Make sure your elbows are not flared out. You should be at around 45 degrees. Then press up and repeat. The last exercise is contralateral. We have 20 reps of this and we're done with this workout. Start in a low plank and lift one leg and the opposite arm at the same time. Engage your core and try not to poke your butt up or droop it down too much. Keep going

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