Core Yoga Workout (13 Min Practice Along)

hi friends kathy madeo here back with another video this one a short but super fun and challenging core yoga workout if you didn't know one of my very first online series is focused on the core it's part educational part deep workouts that really help you to discover in your body where all the core muscles are what their function is and how you can get strong from the inside out so if you're interested in that check the link in the description box i also have a free ebook for you called activate your course you can get your free ebook also in the description box let's get started we'll start in a kneeling position take hold of your hands and just rotate your hands in one direction massaging your wrists and the opposite direction interlace your fingers now and stretch your fingers apart as you widen your elbows apart feel your collarbone stretch or spread apart and then reach the crown of your head up from here flip your palms forward and allow your shoulder blades to come away from the spine bring your chin in towards your chest and begin here to hollow out your belly so pull your belly in towards your spine your spine is in flexion should start feeling a stretch here of your back body and now inhale get a long spine reach your palms up pinky side of the finger behind you and shrug your shoulders up to your ears we'll take our right hand down side bend to the left inhale up and switch inhale up twist to the right inhale both arms up twist to the left meet me in a tabletop position from here a couple wrist push-ups we'll reach the heel of our hands up set it down so the palm and the heels lifting set it down go for five four three two and one walk your hands about a hand's distance forward curl your toes push the floor away bring your chin in towards your chest spread those shoulder blades away from your spine and hover your knees here and just hold shift your weight to your left foot bring your right knee in towards your nose hold step it back and switch left step back switch right left a little faster right left and we'll just keep going here three two and one press back into a turbo dog straighten your left leg straighten your right walk your hands back towards your feet release your hands roll up one vertebrae at a time inhale reach your arms up and exhale fold all the way down use those front core muscles to fold crawl your hands out into a plank pose so shoulders line up over wrists hips in line with shoulders push the floor away slightly belly pulls into spine firm everything here we'll rock forward so plank saws and back and forward and back we'll go ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one stretch your right arm out bend your right elbow so it's underneath your right shoulder and then your left and bend and come back onto your right hand and then left hand and we'll switch so reach your left arm out bend right arm left right we'll do that one more full round on both sides press it back downward facing dog inhale forward to plank pose lower down slowly all the way down to your belly inhale up locust pose working your back core muscles bring your arms out in front of you for superman variation bring your hands underneath you curl your toes chaturanga dandasana so arms at a 90 degree angle pelvis nice and stable push up through plank press back downward facing dog inhale sweep your right leg up on your exhale take your right knee tap your right arm and inhale up and switch over to the left and inhale up we'll keep going right and left and we'll go right hold slide your knee down and up go directly to the left down and up to the right down and up to the left down and up press it back downward facing dog walk your hands back towards your feet inhale come up to stand exhale mountain pose inhale reach your arms up exhale hinge and fold all the way down crawl your hands out plank pose again this time we'll switch left hand forward left elbow down right and up right down left down right up and last full round here just going forearm to hand and to form press it back downward facing dog lift your left leg up exhale left knee left arm inhale up twist over to the right inhale left exhale give that left arm a tap inhale over to the right inhale over to the left hold go down and up immediately over to the right down and up one more on each side and press it back downward facing dog from here we'll take a playful little jump towards our hands come on to your seat and take boat pose so legs can be bent or straight bend your legs try to lift your hips up little playful hop back downward facing dog we'll do that again up until your tippy toes playful little hop use your hands do whatever you need to do to get this movement bend lift the hips playful little jump back and we'll go one more sit up bend weight comes forward playful little jump back come forward into plank we'll take our forearm plank now rest our wrists a little bit turn the right forearm in stack your feet here you're in a forearm side plank dip your hips down and then lift back up keep the right shoulder in an external rotation protect the shoulder joint and all the muscles there so we're going down and up and up and up give me three more three two one and we'll switch roll to the outside of the left foot left upper arm bones moving away from the chest down and up dipping down and up getting into the obliques give me two more you got this and we'll come into our forearm plank lower down slowly and roll on to our backs from here straighten out your legs now when we do these next movements if the low back pops off the mat you can bend your legs or do one leg at a time we'll see what happens here so reach your arms up point through your feet your low back will be off the mat here because that's just our curvature but i want you to try to resist that bring the ribs down and lift your arms up bring your chin to your chest and hold and now lift your feet and legs up hollow body squeeze everything in so again if you need to bend your knees a little bit to decrease any curvature in the lumbar spine do that and we'll release and now we're going to bring the legs all the way up and bring your chin in towards your chest again and little pulses up towards your toes eight seven six five four three two one stay up take your left leg down hover it clap your hands behind your right leg and then bring your arms up and we'll switch clap switch clap switch clap if your neck ever bothers you you just place your hands under your head like a basket do the leg movement or just release your head okay last one here and we'll release down hug your knees into your chest for a moment bring your hands down so that your palms are down you can keep your knees bent here for a moment we're going to straighten our legs and little lift of your hips up and instead of thinking back towards your head think straight up so lift up and down and up and down and up and down and then we'll add a little side movement so we'll go up to the left a

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