Day 11 – Stretching Routine To Recover (Get Lean Challenge)

hi and welcome to day 11. you guys are really smashing through these workouts and i am so proud of you i hope you are loving it so far so today we're actually going to take it down a notch we're just going to do a nice short stretching routine now the reason why i've decided to do it in the middle this time is because i think it's about time that we give your body a nice little stretch out even though we've only done a couple exercises this week i just want to take it slow on mind and then we're going to really push it towards the end so guys make sure to focus on just yourself get rid of any phones distraction turn to the emails and just give yourself this time to just unwind and relax okay welcome to your next stretch for today so i want you to begin on your knees and i want you to inhale up exhale with the arms down let's repeat arms up exhale down now i just want you to lean forward and come back to your neutral position and up let's stretch on over to one side breathe through and up let's go straight on over to the other side and up okay guys let's take this on to the floor so i want you to roll back onto your mat just want you to cross the legs lift it up and you should feel that nice stretch here in your glute muscles keep the foot flexed breathe through each breath feeling the stretch releasing any tension let's switch that leg over and again breathe through each movement pulling that leg closer towards the chest feeling the release of the muscle let's bring our legs down and what we're going to do is we're going to lift one leg up and we're going to twist it to the opposite side of the mat other arms stretch out feeling that twist in our body let's repeat that on the other side to bring the other leg over looking back in the opposite direction [Music] and release now i want you to come on to your belly we're going to do a sphinx pose so i want you to push down with your elbows into the floor lifting the chest up feeling that stretch through your abs breathing and then we're gonna push back into child's pose come up let's do some simple cat cows come up into cat stretch the back bring it down come up and bring it down again for me and let's push it back into downward dog step forward and slowly roll the body up nice and slow now i just want you to step back one leg flex feel that nice stretch there in your calf muscle breathing through let's switch legs to step back foot flexed come down to the floor and slowly release and roll up move the shoulders back a couple times bring them forward and that is the end of your stretch so guys that was the end of your stretching video for day 11 i hope you guys really did enjoy this one if you did don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel now i want to know guys tell me three things that you are grateful for for this new year just below in the comment section and i will read it when i get the chance later on today other than that guys i hope you guys enjoyed this and i will see you all tomorrow bye [Music] you

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