Day 22: Tabata Fat Burning Workout (Home Workout Challenge)

guys welcome to day 22 of the 30-day challenge today we are going to be getting that heart rate up and burning calories with this to bat up work up so we've got five exercises each you're going to be performed for 40 seconds with a 20 second rest you're going to be repeating the circuit three times in total so make sure you really give it your all if you guys really want to burn those calories today okay guys so we have got 40 seconds on in 20 seconds off first move is stargell so you know what to do with this movement you just want to jump up and down as quickly as you can bring those arms above the head [Music] that's it 40 seconds on here guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] keep going keep breathing [Music] and break guys 20 seconds here grab some water if you need to before we go into the next move the next move that you are going into is a squat and then all you're gonna do is jump up so it's gonna be a wide squat guys to come down touch the floor and then jump up if you can't jump for any reason and you don't feel like you've got the energy to you can just do a little hill raise but this is it about to workout guys remember so we really do want to jump up if you can squat down and jump [Music] up and down keep going you've got this [Music] okay so while guys 20-second rest the next week you're coming into is a crab dip so it's always going to be like bridges where you bring your buns down to the floor and you lift it up but you gonna be in a crab position so let's go guys you want to come down and lift yourself up down Anna that's it really squeeze those glutes at the top [Applause] [Music] so guys keep going keep pushing through [Music] and three excellent work guys 20 second rest again and next move you're going into is more of a cardio X move guys is eight high knees I want you to bring those knees up and then all you're going to do is bring that knee towards the hands for for hand crunches so then you're going to go back to those high knees switch sides so let's just repeat that guys all over again so high knees and then crunch [Music] excellent job guys well done that this is the final route of the circuit so the last week we're going into is a bunch of rotation so we're gonna do is come down and then you're gonna twist to the side guys sit down into a squat twist and round up squat twist round add up stop work keep going with that this is gonna have to really burn out those legs [Music] down and twist [Music] and that's it guys that is circuit one guess what who hit repeat in that circuit another two times this is a massive fat burning workout at the end of the day so now you down the move so let's give it your all for second circuit so move one guys star just let's go let's pick up the pace [Music] the guys keep breathing [Music] and bright guys 20 seconds [Music] let's get it guys next move is to squat with the jumps remember if you don't want to jump you can do here what I'm doing it's a modification but if you will for burning those calories that let's pick it up a notch touch the floor and jump up two guys let's go [Music] think about those transformations that are coming our way [Music] it's and drop guys let's go down to the floor to get ready for the next workout which is gonna be those crab dips [Music] next guys let's get it so remember you want to come down get that bum to touch the floor and then raise those hips up squeeze and lower it back down up and down [Music] hey job guys let's come up get ready for the next move which of those eight high knees [Music] let's go guys eight high knees and then crunch crunch crunch crunch [Music] well guys keep pushing to go faster than that come on excellent find a move you've got those lines rotation so let's get it going guys face me and let's go squat down twist back up squat down twist and to keep that momentum going just remember [Music] [Music] [Music] yes it's a joke guys grab some water remember just 20 seconds and we're gonna repeat in that for the final circuit so make sure you've really really push it for this one [Music] okay position guys and go star drops as quickly as you can make sure your grades in those hands guys keep going keep pushing through you've got this yes guys smashed it so one workout Sun out those four five you know the next one coming up is the squat with the jump so take a breather compose yourself let's get it going okay guys get ready so exercise squat down and jump down and up excellent guys come on let's burn out those thighs just get the heart rate up [Music] and out cool guys I know those ties are burning but you've got this come on [Music] yes excellent job guys let's bring it down onto the floor get into position for the next one which is going to be those crab dips okay guys you ready let's go so butt touch the floor raise those hips up and then down [Music] keep it going guys keep pushing through [Music] keep going push up and down well done guys come up and remember you got that NYX workout coming your way which is gonna be those eight high knees just for needs a hand [Music] let's go guys hi knees come on and then those four crunches [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] that's it come on yes exit job guys now you've only got that one workout left which is those lunge rotations so take a couple breaths get into position remember just 40 seconds left of this entire circuit [Music] let's go guys so squat down twist front and up down twist front and up let's smash it out our guys come on concentration think about that amazing transformation think about moving that body making yourself nice and fit and healthy let's get it [Music] [Applause] [Music] yes Kai's well done so guys that is the end of your work up to date if you really enjoyed this to battle circuit then make sure you hit that like button and also subscribe to my youtube channel now I really want to hear from you guys did you make it through the entire circuit today let me know in the comments below and remember if you really want to continue to get the best results then I hope you guys have got your hands on that 30 date meal plan if you haven't then be sure to check out in the description box below [Music]

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