Day 6: Stretching Routine (Home Workout Challenge)

hey guys and welcome to day 6 of the 30 day challenge today we're bringing the pace down by doing – some nice simple stretching routine this is going to help to really strengthen and lessen all of those muscles in your body so just take it nice and slow today unwind and it relaxed welcome to your stretching routine guys to begin we're going to breathe in arms up breathe out let's repeat that again breathe in and breathe out now guys you're going to take one hand you're going to fold forward come up and lean over to the side let's repeat again so come down up stretch over to the side breathe in stretch to the side great work do it one more time let's now swap sides or come down up lean over to the opposite side with that hand you should really feel a nice stretch down the side of your body this is nice and controlled down stretch over one more time great work guys feet apart arms together and all I want you to do is come into a flat back and back up now when you come down you're just going to do two pulses and then straighten your back make sure just keep that core engaged navel sucked in that's it keep going [Music] excellent now come into a flat back just stretch out with the arms to the side and come all the way down to the floor excellent stay here for a moment and I want you to walk over to your right side grab behind your leg knead with the chest let's walk on over to the other side remember guys leave with the chest keep breathing excellent now we're going to go over to my high hip flexor stretch let's come into it almost like a lunge position hands onto the knees stretch out that back leg let's bring one hand to the floor and I want you to twist to the side keep breathing through these movements let's switch hands face me up excellent come down straighten the legs and again leave with the chest stretch in that should feel really nice on those thighs and the back of there excellent let's walk on over straight to the other side same thing hip flexor stretch get into position and hands on knees keep that navel sucked in here guys hands to the floor twist up facing the back arms up nice and straight let's switch now stretch forward up keep breathing through these moves hands down let's spit the leg into straight and again leave with the chest excellent now what I want you to do is come down into all fours we're going to do some cat cow breathe in Excel out that's it guys be as gentle as you like do what's natural for your back excellent for the next wave guys I want you to bring one leg forward again we're going to be stretching out that hip flexor and all I want you to is lunge slightly forward but make sure that you're really tilting that pelvis in keeping that navel sucked in now let's face me and twist the body come forward straight up ahead of you [Music] down now let's lean back into that stretch you should really fill that bucket up arms and legs excellent let's switch sides straight away guys leg up lunge forward again keep that pelvis tucked in twisty on the back that's it arms up above your head come back down lean back into that calf stretch excellent and come into all force now we're just going to push back here into a downward dog you want to walk it out here that feels good for you please do come into a plank position keep that naval sucked in fit down and that is it guys just faithfully now we're just going to take a couple of breaths in and now keep ourselves centered nice and relaxed excellent job guys a world I'm completing this stretching routine so guys that is the end of your day 6 stretching workout I hope you really all enjoyed this one and it really made you feel nice and calm if you like this video then don't forget to hit subscribe and also give this video a big like for me now remember guys I want to know what are three things you operate for for today let me know in the comments below I remember if you want to know the best diet and training program for you then don't forget to check out the Kois in the description box below [Music]

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