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Hi! Welcome back to my channel (Stay Fit and Travel) Today is a short video. I have a very happy news to share with you. I hope my friends in Hong Kong can participate in the event. The date is Saturday, July 29th. I am very honored to be invited by Youtube to hold a fitness workshop at Google in Hong Kong. Together we will burn body fat and train abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs and arms. The most important thing is that everyone can have fun. I will also invite my boyfriend Chad. You should all be there. I have seen him and my good friend Gloria in other videos, a training camp coach from Hong Kong. The two of them will also be doing training moves with me on stage that day. Let me show you a few moves that I will do that day. Let’s take a look. ! I will also share how I started my Youtube channel three months ago and how my favorite healthy drink after training keeps me in shape. I will get a Youtube top, towel and gym bag for the day. I have always wanted to have a Youtube top for the day. The event will be held in both English and Cantonese. If you only speak one of them, don’t worry. I can speak both English and Cantonese on the day. The content and time of the event will be posted in the information column below. I look forward to meeting you. It’s a pity. The venue is smaller this time. The way to participate is to leave a comment below this video, which one of my training videos do you like best? Don’t forget to leave a link and tag Youtube Hong Kong Fun Party and YoutubeHK. I am really excited and can’t wait to meet you. ! Looking forward to meeting you!

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