Get 11 Line Abs Workout (11 Mins) – Summer Challenge

welcome in today 1 I am so excited to be uploading this series for you this is going to contain seven workouts back-to-back all three over the schedule for you now we're going to be targeting specific areas that I know so many of us want to work on that's going to be the core it's going to be your legs but as well as your arms but for today's video we are going to be focusing on the 11 line apps so I hope you are excited and ready for this one don't forget to take pictures at the beginning of your journey so that's day 1 that's today and I'd love for you guys to share with me your progress at the end of this month simply just email me your photo and you can find my email in the description box below so without further ado let's jump straight in to the 11 lines workout ok guys so for the first move we are going to be laying on our back so come down nice and slow the first move that you're going into is a single leg crunch and all you're gonna do is then swing that leg out to the side and then bring it back in so we're going to do one side first make sure that you're contracting those ABS you're breathing out as that crunch comes in that's it keep going [Music] that's it guys keep working the same leg that's it make sure you've got those toes pointed you're really contracting those abs sucking that's tummy in crunch up down swing it out excellent guys ten-second rest here and then we're going to repeat that move on the other leg let's go so bring it up down swing out that's it remember keep those toes pointed make sure you're really bringing that knee as close as you can up towards your tummy in your chest don't forget to breathe [Music] excellent job guys 10 second rest here for the next move I want your feet to be flat on the floor so make sure you bring those knees up and we're going to be going into a three pulse exercise so with this mudra it's going to slowly pulse one two three and then come down so make sure as you're doing those crunches and those pulses you're slowly exhaling out and then you're inhaling as you go back down inhale exhale exhale exhale down make sure to really contract those ABS when you are doing these crunches [Music] fabulous work guys ten second rest here before we go into the next move keep your feet exactly where they are and what we're gonna be doing in a stop hill touches so really make sure that you're stretching down and then you're gonna go into eighth Center pulses so with those hill touches make sure you're really using those hands to touch your heels squeezing those obliques and then coming into the center and pushing down make sure you remember to breathe you guys and one two three four seven eight Center that's it make sure to check your stomach make sure it's nice and flat you're contracting those ABS before we go into the next move so all you're going to be doing here for the next move guys is lifting those legs up and all you're going to do is bring them down get the toes to touch the floor towards the side so we're gonna do 25 seconds on one side and then switch to the other so lift them up bringing them down tap out towards your hips that's it make sure you keep that contract since I want your head lift off of the floor either side now guys lift it up and down up and down keep those toes pointed that stomach contracted [Music] [Applause] [Music] honest great work just take the rest here before we go into the next move so you want to roll up nice and slow and you're going to alternate between touching your outer side of your ankle so switch legs every time you come up make sure that tummy is sucked in up touch the ankle roll down so you want to exhale as you come up tap inhale as you roll down remember nice and controlled guys you don't just want to plop yourself down and hurt your back you want to do it nice and slowly [Music] [Music] for the next week guys are going to come into all four somewhat need to come up make sure in a nice comfortable position and all you're gonna be doing is a single leg and you're gonna bring that leg up towards the chest so I want your back to be nice and straight and bring your leg in and back in and back now if you need a modification you're welcome to bring your leg in kick it back and then bring your foot back down to the floor to take a break otherwise and that if you want to challenge – exactly what I am doing make sure you keep that tummy sucked in though and contracted let's switch legs [Music] so bring it in kick it out in [Music] except Jobs slowly come back down onto the floor now guys and we're going to be going back onto our backs into reverse crunches so with this move you just want to make sure that you're really tilting your pelvis and you're using it to rush to your bottom half up you should really feel this in the lower abs make sure that you exhale as you bring that leg up and down that's it up and down if you want to make this more intense you are welcome to really lift those legs up and go higher than I am doing [Music] exort now you have one final exercise left to catch your breath legs out in front of you nice and straight and all we're gonna do is bring those legs just hovering off of the floor and I want you to just bring those ankles to tap and open and close that's it so make sure your legs are really hovering off the floor for this head can be on the floor but keep that core engaged [Music] and that's it guys a world of completing that workout so guys that's the end of day one in the sum up body boost challenge workout series I hope you all really enjoyed this workout if you did don't forget to give me a big like and subscribe to my channel because it really does help now I really want to hear from you guys what did you think of this first workout let me know in the comments below [Music]

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