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Hey guys! Welcome to the 2022 18-days Get Abs challenge. We have a fun and intense 10-minute ab routine, and you're gonna love it. You can find the 18-day schedule on my website, which has tons of useful features, and it's all free. You're not in this journey alone, so do share your progress with the rest of the community on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok with my hashtags, so you can support one another. Smash that thumbs up button for me, leave a comment down below, and share this workout with your friends so you can do this challenge together, and let's get into it! We got 14 ab exercises in this workout. 30 to 40 seconds on, and 5 to 10 seconds of rest in-between. Get on the mat, and we're gonna start with V-sit scissors. Sit on the mat, engage your core, lean back slightly with a straight back, now lift your legs up, and cross them over. Remember to breathe and focus on your abs. 10 seconds rest now. Get ready to get into a high plank position for plank leg lift and abduction. Lift your left leg up, drive it back down towards your left side, swipe it back to the middle, and then repeat. We're working the left side for 15 seconds, then swapping to the other leg. Brace your core here and keep your back neutral. Let's work the other side. Short rest here, and we've got plank rainbows. Get into a low plank position. Now lift your leg up and over, and repeat on the other side. Make sure you keep your core tight. Flip around onto your mat, and Russian twist is next. Lean back slightly with a straight back, and now twist from one side to the other. Lift your legs off the mat to make it a little bit more challenging. Make sure you focus on your abs and the movement. This exercise is great for your obliques, too. Great work, guys! Get flat on the mat for corkscrews. Lift your hips off the mat using your core muscles. Then twist it slightly to one side, then lower your hips down slow and controlled, and repeat on the other side. This exercise is great for your lower abs and obliques. And make sure you use your core to lift your hips here. 10 seconds rest now, and we got reverse plank hip dips. Get into a reverse plank position with your hands placed below your shoulders. Engage your core, glutes, and quads, and now dip your hips from side-to-side. Make sure you keep working on that core the entire time. Flip around into a low plank, and we're working on your obliques with hip dips. Now in a low plank position, dip your hips from side-to-side. Focus on your core here. Great work, guys! You're doing well! We're almost halfway through the workout. Flip around. roll-up to V-sit is next. Lay flat on the mat and now roll up using your core strength, and then lift your legs up. Make sure your back is straight when you're sitting up, and roll back down slowly, and repeat. Keep going guys, you got it! Rest up a little, and leg drop to cross-body crunch is next. Keeping your back flat on the mat, lower your legs down a little, then back up, and bring your elbow across to the other side. And make sure you don't arch your back, as you don't want to strain your lower back. It can be a little bit challenging now, but it will get easier over time. Keep going. You're doing great, guys! Get ready to go into a side plank, for side plank variation with a twist. Keep your body straight by engaging your core, quads and glutes. Then once you are stable, twist, and touch the mat with your elbow, then back to the original position, and repeat. You can do it! Flip around, and we'll work on the other side. Side plank can be a little bit challenging at first, but it will get easier over time. We got three more exercises to go after this, guys! Keep pushing. You got this! Great job, guys! Get flat on your back, and we've got bicycle crunch variation coming up. Touch your knee with your opposite elbow, then touch your foot, and repeat on the other side. Your abs should be burning at this point. Short rest now. Reverse crunch leg drop is next. Lift your hips off the mat using your core muscles. Then lower your legs down slowly, and make sure you don't arch your back. Final 10 seconds rest of this workout. Catch your breath, and straight leg crunch is next. Have your legs as straight as possible, and keep a slight bend if your hamstrings are a little tight. Then crunch up, and touch your toes. And that's the workout guys! I hope your abs are feeling the burn. Do check out my store for some cute merch if you want to support me and my channel. I'd really, really appreciate it! Like and comment down below with what workouts you want to see next, and I'll see you in the next workout! Bye!

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