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Get Toned Abs – 10 Min Workout | Get Toned Challenge

Hey everyone! We've got a 10 minute ab and core workout today. You can do this workout with or without weights. I've included no equipment alternatives, so just choose what you prefer. You can find the full program schedule on my brand new website, and we've just launched a new feature so you can work out in a team of friends. I'm also so excited to announce that along with my fitness equipment range, I've just launched a new activewear range available at Walmart.com, so get it before it's gone. Smash that thumbs up button for me, and leave me a comment down below, and share this workout with your friends, and let's get into the workout! We've got 16 core exercises today. 20 to 40 seconds on, and 5 to 10 seconds of rest time in-between. You need just one dumbbell for this workout. You can use a water bottle or an alternative if you don't have any equipment, or just follow along with the no equipment option. Get on your mat and let's start with V-cycles. Sit on the mat, with your back straight and lean back slightly. Lift your legs up, and now bring the dumbbell under each leg one at a time. Keep your core engaged and your back neutral. For low impact, have your hands placed to the side, and bring your knees to your chest. 10 seconds rest now and we've got low boat in-and-out. Start in the same position as the previous exercise. Now lower your back down slowly, without your shoulders touching the mat. Now get back up using your core, and bring your knees towards your chest. This can be a little bit challenging, so feel free to do it without weights. Nice work, guys! Now flip around, and get ready to go into a high plank position for plank pull throughs. Brace your core, and bring one dumbbell from one side to the other, and repeat on the other side. Make sure your hips stay as stable as you can. Keep your hips square. Short five seconds rest. Put your dumbbell aside and let's get into a low plank. We're dipping our hips from side-to-side, and make sure you keep your core tight. You can do this! Keep pushing! Nicely done. Now get flat on your mat, and we're going to lift one leg up and pulse. Have your back flat on the mat as you do-so, and use your core to lift yourself up, and pulse once and then repeat. Five seconds rest now, and we'll work on the other side. You're doing great guys! Keep pushing through. We have sit-ups next. Make sure you're using your core to lift yourself up. This can be a little challenging, so feel free to start without weights, and as you get stronger, you can add some weights. 10 seconds rest now and we've got double crunch. We're getting close to the halfway mark, so don't give up guys. You got this! Keep your knees bent, then crunch up. Bringing the dumbbell towards the knee. Lower your legs down slightly, and then back up and repeat. Keep your core engaged and make sure your back is flat on the mat. You don't want to hurt your back. Nice work, guys! Now put your dumbbells aside, and get ready into a high plank position for plank tuck and lift. Lift one leg up and then bring it towards your chest. Engage your core and lift your stomach up, then back down and repeat. Flip around onto your butt and grab your dumbbell for a V-sit hold. Make sure your back is straight, and have your feet hovering above the mat. This is gonna burn, so try your best to hold it as long as you can, and in good form. Rest up! Put your dumbbells aside and side plank with arm reach is next. You can do this with or without dumbbells. Get into a side plank position, resting your elbows right below your shoulders. Make sure your back is straight, and that you're not leaning forward. Now bring one arm reached under your body, then lift it back up and then repeat. Short rest now, let's flip over to the other side. Nice work guys! Just four more exercises to go. Stand upright, and we've got wood chopper. Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Then reach towards the outside of one knee, then twist your torso and lift your arms up towards the opposite side. Short rest here, and we'll work on the other side. Great work everyone! Almost at the end of the workout. Get ready to go into a high plank position for plank taps. Bring one leg out, then back to center, then repeat on the other side. Keep your core tight and engaged. Flip around onto your butt. The final exercise is Russian twist. Lean back slightly, with your back straight, and lift your legs off the mat. Then use your abs to twist from side-to-side. You can do this with or without dumbbells, it's your choice. And let's finish this. And that's the workout! Hope your abs are feeling the burn! Make sure you drop a like, and a comment, and if you want to support me and my channel, do check out my store for some merch. I would really appreciate it. And I'll see you guys in the next workout! Bye!

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