How To Float Forward Yoga Practice Along

welcome to your jump and float forward how to practice along video for this video you'll need some wall space and a set of blocks let's get started [Music] we'll start out at the wall with what we call a negative or a slow lower and we'll be building the float forward from the ground up for some of you that have flexibility that might be inhibiting your jump forward with straight legs we're going to start with bent legs and for others that are still working on kind of finding that float bent leg is definitely an easier transition in so you'll join us here let's start facing the wall well basically you can tuck up just come up into a handstand at the wall here now frog is when we widen the knees as we bend the knees so think of like your yogi squat is going to be the most accessible way to slow things down so notice his pelvis is in an anterior position from here he's going to tuck his pelvis under and slowly resist coming down slow slow slow slow good so we'll just keep doing that several times and we'll build on from here so think of compressing thighs to belly thighs to belly slow it down good so what's happening as he slows it down he's really pushing the floor away elevating those shoulders compressing and even a slight lean forward for some of you so he continues to bring the thighs to the chest slows it down notice as he gets down he starts to straighten his legs a little bit more let's take one more here so finding your way at the wall widen your knees apart tilt that pelvis under slow slow slow resist good and you'll see that through that resistance of that slow lowering is where you see a cut and feel start to feel a kind of hover let's show a little bit what might be happening at first at first maybe you're not finding any float at all and you might even find a bit of a thump down that's okay just moving through this transition and going anterior to posterior you might just come right down that's fine you'll start to slow that down over time doing using mantras and stuff like that's what i tell myself when i'm on my way down you know i'll just i'll tell myself slow slow slow it really works okay next up we're going to do this in tuck so find your way up to the wall you could tuck up into into handstand there at the wall great so he finds his way and it's basically the same thing right so he tucks into a tiny little ball notice that anterior tilt he's going to flip over into that posterior tilt and then resist resist resist and he lands his feet landing in that ball let's go ahead and do that again this time for me gabo as you land come into as though you were going kind of like a slightly bent forward fold so tuck tuck tuck tuck tuck and then places the feet down exactly let's do that one or two more times those of you practicing at home taking your time tilting that pelvis under thighs come in towards the belly resist resist resist and then land those feet as softly as you can let's do one more i think gabo could do this all day long so [Laughter] thighs to belly thighs to belly push the floor away resist resist excellent we'll transition into practicing some drills together feel free to stay at the wall or move your mat away so we'll take what gaba was doing at the wall away from the wall of course you use that wall if you need to we'll start in downward facing dog if you like i like to walk my feet in a little bit shrug your shoulders up to your ears push off we'll take that frog hop slow lower as you're ready shoot your knees wide and resist we'll do that again as many times as you can take at least a few rounds work on slowing down last one here let's try to slow it down okay let's take this now in the tuck jump as well so we'll just do a couple rounds two to three rounds practice with this at home remember each time you're building strength even if you're not slowing it down yet we'll jump forward thighs to chest push land okay let's move on with some drills let's take our blocks we'll set them up on the mat together at the lower setting and you'll stand on your blocks toe mounds to the mid part of the block or else the block will slip as you move place your hands down now this is a deeper forward fold because your feet are elevated so some of you will need to bend your knees and let's actually just take a round or two here with bent knees to show you what that would look like so you'll plant your hands come on to your toe mounts keep your knees bent and you have to really lean forward your shoulders will pass your wrists here so this is why it's very similar to your press try to float your feet down even if you lift one and then the other so we'll do that a few rounds here place your hands if you can straighten your legs you'll straighten your legs lean float your feet off try to get them to clear the blocks let's take one more get okay so next we'll just work on this lean a little bit more without the blocks and we'll introduce toe taps here so plant your hands down shrug your shoulders up to your ears hollow out your belly come on to your tippy toes use those spider fingers lean forward hold push the floor away now take your right toes tap your right wrist or forearm and then your left and we'll switch right and then left and then right and then left let's take a quick break so now we'll try to find some air with those toe taps what's nice about the toe tap is it kind of helps put a break on for you as the toes hit the wrist or the forearms it will kind of help you slow things down and it's that same floating sensation we're after we're trying to find here so take your forward fold come on to your tippy toes push the floor away lean forward fetal separate flex your feet find that toe tap set your feet back down let's do that again push lean flex and set your feet down good come on up take a real quick break and then we'll do our press walks we'll take our press walks now remember you can bend your knees if the flexibility is holding you back we're really just after that floating sensation here so we're going to travel on our mat you'll come up onto your tippy toes push the floor away lean forward find a float place your feet in between your hands and we'll continue on palms down come up now we'll make our way back as well so you'll lift up onto those tippy toes lean forward push up maybe more of a hop back float back push and we'll come up we'll take a quick rest i want to go over the breath a little bit as you rest love to hear from gabo too but i really use my i take an inhale and i'm either using my exhale or at the very bottom of my exhale i'm taking my float so it's really a bit of breath retention that we'll talk about elsewhere in the training if you haven't already had that so it's really using that udiana bonda to help lift from the very inside that's also helping you find that float do you also do that on your exhales yeah so just think about that let's take one more round i want you to think of your breath this time as we take our press w

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