How to get back on track with working out

hey guys I'm Holly Doki and today I'm gonna tell you how to get back on track with working out I know how hard it can be to get back on track when you taking a break or you've fallen off the wagon so I'm going to make it easier for you to date with these top 5 tips my tip number one is setting a goal now setting a goal is the best way to get you guys back on track for working out if you don't have a goal you won't have any motivation and soon enough you're just gonna stop working out again so I advise that you find what your goal is print it out or put it as a screensaver on your phone to remind yourself every single day why you started this journey my tip number two is scheduling in exercise now for me personally this is one of the best ways to stay on track and get back on track with your fitness now I advise every single Sunday to have your calendar ready and just schedule in a set time at bought your workouts for me I like to workout every single morning so I set my day up right but for you it might be different to work around your own time schedule just make sure to put in time for your exercise my tip number 3 is accountability now have ability is a great way to get on track and it's also of the great way to stay on track why because it will make you take action every single day and action to produce results why don't you become accountable for your workouts you will then be taking responsibility for your health and your well-being and this is a great step in the right direction now to do this you can be accountable for yourself and everything at the end of your day you can check in with yourself to see if you hit your goals and did your workouts or need to get an accountability partner whether that's your best friend your partner or a parent be sure to have someone check in with you and make sure that you stayed accountable and you have done at your workout having someone to check in with you and motivate you is the best way to keep you on track and have you heading in the right direction towards your fitness and health goals my tip number four is cut the excuses yes so many of you might have excuses of why you can't be bothered to work out or why you feel that you need to stop working out for you to get back on track you firstly need to have a talk with yourself and address the issues of why you keep coming up with these excuses do you keep telling yourself that you don't have the time you're too tired you don't feel energized all of this is just a negative mindset and it's not going to help you guys get back on track with your fitness so if these excuses pop up in your mind simply just ignore them remember every day it's a new day and a fresh start on your journey just wake up be positive eat a healthy diet duel workout and trust me you will feel so much better and those excuses will not pop up any more and my fifth and final tip is find what works for you now exercise is completely individual and everyone likes different things in order for you to stay on track and get back on track you need to find your workouts that you enjoy the most now for some of you this might just be walking it might be running it might be hit training or it might be strength training whatever it might be find what works for you and fun what you enjoyed the most so you end up looking forward to exercising so if you like this video then make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel right now just click on the subscribe button below and if you want exclusive weight loss tips then be sure to head over to Holly donkey comm to sign up it's free now I want to turn it over to you which one of these tips did you find the easiest let me know in the comments below

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