How to slim your legs faster? 5 Reasons Your Legs Get THICKER After Workout!

Do you constantly practice slimming and slimming exercises for your legs? What do you think after doing leg exercises? Fiction or reality? Before it was 47 cm after 50 cm (it increased by 3 cm?!!) Why are my legs getting thicker!? Before we get to that, let us make sure of the measurements because the circumference of our legs is accurate in the beginning. The measurements must be for both of them in the same part. After that, the measurement must be done at the same time every day. It is recommended to perform the measurement once a day when you wake up in the morning. Do not measure after exercise. It will not be The measurement is accurate in the premise of accurate measurement. If your legs become thicker after a period of exercise, one of the reasons is due to pathological reasons. Another reason is that the body is in good condition, but due to certain factors. We will talk about the second reason today, followed by an analysis of the pathological condition, so make sure to watch until the end because this The problems are very common and important, but they are often ignored by everyone on the basis of maintaining a healthy body, but legs become thicker after exercise in general. They are due to these 5 reasons. First, compensatory eating after exercise, thinking that you can eat more because you exercised, but the calories burned. From exercise, fewer calories are gained by eating, and then the weight gain will be distributed throughout the body, including the legs. Therefore, the legs become thicker. Therefore, it is important to follow a healthy diet after exercise to avoid excess calories. For more details, see This chart and follow it during your meal. Secondly, the way you do to slim your legs is to train your legs with heavy weights such as squats with a weight bearing. This type of local high-weight anaerobic exercise is mainly for gaining muscle. The effect of losing fat in it is relatively small. The leg muscles grow and the fat does not decrease until it becomes Your legs are thicker The solution is to combine aerobic exercises together such as full body fat burning aerobic exercises running or swimming, etc. The order of exercise is anaerobic exercises first and then aerobic exercises so that the fat burning effect is better The third possible reason for thick legs is that the legs are tired when they are just starting to Exercise, including edema or swelling, swelling and muscle congestion. When you first start exercising, you may be excited and eager to see results. Therefore, choose high-intensity exercises to slim your legs. You want to exercise them 4-5 times a day. This will make the muscles contract strongly during exercise and make The production of lactic acid in the muscles and the products of digestion cannot be drained, but rather accumulate in the legs, leading to swelling and thickening. At the same time, the number of capillaries in the leg muscles will also increase rapidly. After intense exercise, the number of capillaries will increase from about 100 / square mm at rest to more than 3000. This is because the body wants to increase blood flow in this way to accelerate the flow of nutrients and eliminate metabolic waste. Diet and thus enhance muscle recovery and growth. Therefore, when you measure the leg directly after exercise, usually, you will find that the legs become thicker, but in reality, this is only due to congestion of the leg muscles. Also, when we exercise in this way, it exceeds the body’s ability to function normally. The muscle fibers will be damaged to To a certain degree, the body will then initiate a series of pro-inflammatory immune responses to repair this damage. For example, a large number of prostaglandin white blood cells (with anti-inflammatory effects) will flush the leg muscles with nutrients and other fluids, resulting in thicker legs. You will also feel Pain, stiffness and swelling in your legs that is sometimes accompanied by fluid retention, which leads to a weight gain of 1 to 2 kg. However, there is no need to worry. All of these problems mentioned above will recover over time, and when the muscle tissues heal, the legs will become thinner. So first, do not over-exercise. Choose the right exercise and do it gradually. For example, in the beginning, do it on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Rest on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Only then do you increase the volume of the exercise after the body adapts to it. Try to do it once a day and take a vacation on the weekend. Secondly, After exercise, massage and stretching or raising the legs on the wall should be done to relax the legs and promote blood circulation and restore body fluids in the legs. The fourth reason is without the habit of relaxing and stretching with a foam roller. Over time, the muscles will be in a state of excessive tension. The formation of stiff muscles will lead to the appearance of thick legs, so we must Stretching after exercise and massaging with a foam roller. First massage followed by stretching. For example, massage using a foam roller to loosen the muscle fascia. It is like untying a knot in an elastic band and then tightening is to restore the elasticity of this elastic band. If your muscles and fascia are in a tight state then they will also swell when you start stretching and massaging so. This should also be done gradually. The fifth reason is the lack of core strength and posture problems that increase the load on the legs. Daily life habits have a much greater impact on the thickness of the legs than the exercises that we do to slim the legs because the first is a few hours while the exercise is only a few. A few minutes If your core strength is weak, especially the lower back, your hips are very weak, or even pelvic tilt, knee hyperextension and other posture problems, the body will rely more on the legs in order to maintain normal functions of standing, walking, running, and jumping. In other words, the legs must do their own work, but also To work with other parts of the body, you either use it or you will lose it. The legs will also become thicker. Then comes the bad habits in daily life, such as square legs or crossing the leg for long periods. This will also put pressure on the legs and

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