Intense Ab + Slim Thigh WORKOUT SITTING ON A CHAIR! Perfect for Office & Home ◆ Emi ◆

Hello everyone, today we are going to train the abdominal muscles to make the abdominal muscles sexy. We will also train the thighs. It is a very intense exercise. Today is a little different. I have collected a lot of exercises that can be done on a chair. Many people say that there is not enough space at home. Some people hope that they can exercise during breaks in the office or school. I have always believed that you can exercise well at any time or place. Exercise should not be something only those with money, time and space can do. Even you. There is a lot of space, and if you are ready, a change will also help your exercise plan, which will also give your body a new challenge! 10 minutes to practice abdominal muscles and thighs on a chair. Ten exercises. 45 seconds of rest. 15 seconds of rest. Sit down on a chair. The first exercise is called elbow to knee. Put your hands behind your head and use the strength of your abdominal muscles to lift one knee. Get up and turn your upper body over so that the other elbow touches your knee. Take turns on the left and right sides for 45 seconds. This exercise will especially train the lower and side abdominal muscles. Your stomach should feel very sore when your upper body is turned and when your knees are raised. Because I want to especially train my stomach and thighs, I do this kind of exercise. Come on! The next exercise is called Russian twist. First, balance your body on the chair. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs. Keep your hands together in the center of your chest steadily. Use your external oblique muscles to turn your upper body to the left and then to the right until the time is up. You can put your feet down! Come on, use your abdominal muscles and thighs to keep lifting your legs, and don't put them down. Soreness means exercise is useful! The third exercise is called the side. I will continue to train the external oblique muscles. First practice the right side. Put your fingers behind the head and slowly bend to the right. Then return to the middle and repeat for 22 seconds. Then switch sides. Don’t do it quickly. It is better to go slowly and control it well. Speed, this will be more effective. 3, 2, 1, change sides. The fourth exercise is called abdominal muscles. Put the cyclist behind your head, use the strength of your abdominal muscles and thighs to lift your legs and pull one knee up towards your chest. At the same time, the leg on the other side should be straightened and the upper body should be turned towards the knee, so that the elbow touches the knee and the left and right sides are turned, imitating the action of riding a bicycle. Can't put the leg down and continue to work hard? Are your abdominal muscles and thighs very sore? This is the effect we want! We can do it together. Nothing comes for nothing. Soreness means usefulness! It's almost over. Come on, it's the fifth exercise. Touch your toes and sit at the front of the chair. Put your hands behind your head and use your abdominal muscles to kick up one foot. At the same time, let the other hand come down and touch your toes. Take turns. Pay attention to the left and right sides for 45 seconds. Every time the legs come up, you must use the muscles in the center and the abdominal muscles! Keep breathing! You are halfway through the exercise. If you don’t feel sore yet, you need to be mentally prepared! The sixth exercise is called scissor hands, grab the chair under your buttocks and then raise your legs up to imitate the scissoring action. This exercise will especially use the strength of the abdominal muscles and thighs to allow the legs to continue moving in the air. I know it is difficult, but I will continue to accompany you. you! Enjoy the pain, and remember, nothing comes for nothing. If your belly and thighs feel like they are burning, this is the effect we want! The seventh exercise is called crunching and kicking. Grab the chair under your butt with your hands, then lift your knees toward your chest. Use your lower abdominal muscles to straighten your legs together and shake your legs back and forth. You need to form a wide V-shape into a sharp-angled V. Don't put your legs down, and don't lean back on the chair. This exercise will particularly train the upper and lower abdominal muscles, and it will also make your legs feel very sore! Keep moving, don't give up. We're going to train our stomach and thighs together. We'll finish it together, come on, come on! We have reached the eighth exercise, V-shaped hold. I like this exercise very much. It is not only very effective, but also gives you a little rest time. Use your abdominal muscles to lift your legs up again, and then stretch your hands forward to keep you there. Balance of the body: Your body will become a V shape. Maintain this posture. Don’t let your legs go down. The farther your legs are forward, the better the exercise effect will be. Remember your goal of exercise. The soreness you feel now means that your exercise is effective. Don’t give up. There are only two minutes left before we can complete this movement! Let’s get to the ninth exercise, core kicking. This exercise is very similar to the scissor exercise we just finished, but this time the leg movements can be smaller but also faster (a bit like swimming). It hurts so much, come on! We've all gotten here, we can't give up. You have to decide for yourself to stick to it! The results of the exercise are in your hands. Finally, it’s time for the last exercise. I put the most difficult exercise at the end, one-leg lift! The starting position is the same. The legs should leave the floor and the leg on one side should be raised as high as possible without bending. Slowly come down but the leg on the other side should not touch the floor. Lift the left and right sides in turn. You can see the expression on my face. See me in pain, I know exactly how you feel right now! You decide to stay the course and challenge your body. It's almost over. Success! Although we were all sitting on chairs, we completed a very difficult exercise! Welcome to come back to my channel at any time to practice abdominal muscles and thighs together. Come on, I am really proud of you. See you next time. You sweat a lot! Because I exercise, there is nothing for nothing. I hope you like this exercise video. Remember to like, leave a message, subscribe and press the bell button so that you will not miss any new exercise videos!

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