welcome! And hello my loves! The holiday season is coming up. I have gifts in every video in the month of December. Which means that you can satisfy your desires and eat a lot of meals that you can eat from your diet, like what I used to do on my second channel, and if you want to maintain your flat stomach, today’s exercise is for you, and it is It is very difficult and it is a 10-minute quick HIIT workout that will burn 150 to 250 calories. You can do this before or after a cheat meal. I personally like to do this exercise before a cheat meal so I can use all that energy to build and repair my muscles, instead of storing it as fat. And if you want to burn those calories, you need There are a lot of difficult exercises, just please do not exceed your limit and know your physical limits. I also added low-impact exercises, just so you know for yourself what you were feeling, and let's get started! We're going straight to the workout. Today we have 15 exercises, 30 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest, and we're going to do star jumps. Start in a squat position and jump, as wide as a star. Do it like you're exploding if you can, because we need to get the heart rate up. It is necessary to do some routine of warming up the body before the exercises in order to avoid physical injuries. If you do the routine, pause the video and do the warm-up routine and light exercises and return to these exercises. We are about to take a chance to rest, but no. Stop, always move yourself a few steps in place. And we have knee raises, bringing your knee as high as you can and as fast as you can and you can always follow the low-impact, easy-to-work version of the movement, and the next movement is ski jumps. Jump a big jump to the left, then to the right. This exercise seems easy, but it helps raise your heart rate. For a low-impact movement, just don't jump. Then we have the high jumps. Jump as high as you can and land on the ground softly. For low impact, just do squats and then jump lightly. If you feel tired, keep going. The hardest thing is the initial exercises and now we have jumping jacks. This is the easiest exercise of the exercises, so do it as fast as possible and our next movement is burpees. Try Do it well and go with the low impact version, if you can't jump we have high kicks. This really works your whole body, and this exercise is great for your abs. Make sure you kick your legs as high as you can. And then we have a squat and a reach. Don’t give up now, my dears. It’s only five minutes, but we are in the middle of the exercise. Squat and touch the ground with your hands. When you jump up, cross your legs and keep yourself safe. If you need a short rest, work. Low impact movement and we have jumps from ropes, jump as high as you can as if you were jumping from those invisible ropes. Next, is the lunge with a jump, do the lunge and then jump as high as you can and this is really good for your thigh muscles and butt, so, don't jump. If you can't do that, and you can see, I was very tired and suffering, but we can do this group, guys! Now next to the other, we only have four exercises, don't give up now, only two minutes! And we have jumping jacks. If you want to burn a lot of calories, do this exercise quickly to keep your heart rate high. Just don't exceed your limits and know your limits. Ski jumps are next. Jump, jump, burn those calories. Just two exercises! Raising the knees is next. Try to do it well. You have reached this level, so do not stop now! The final exercise is to bring the legs in and out. We are almost done. Great job, my dears! You can do this exercise twice or again, if you wish, just take a long rest before doing it again. Don't forget to click like and follow my channel for your sake and turn on notifications as well, to follow the new exercises. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next exercises. See you!

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