I’ve Been Gone Lately, Because I Had a Surgery!

Now (after) the next day around 11:00 noon, then the doctor also looked to say let me stay up until noon, it's no problem (if) some blood pressure rises again after walking home, hello everyone. I was in the hospital at 6:00 yesterday afternoon on his stomach hurts as a result yet at 4:00 pm the next day especially here especially painful for the hospital the doctor diagnosed acute appendicitis we have two children at home without a children's hospital let's bring my husband it will be Only at home with children I am a man in the hospital because our parents do not live here because Covid-19, and they do not have a nanny, so I appreciate that I have to give yourself consent The surgery took place on the other hand, talk to us CT, talk to us, hello everyone, A doctor came to tell them that they are going to have surgery, then they say that the surgery tonight tomorrow can almost be over after 34 days she will be able to move but a fitness video or something like that she will definitely not be able to film and after that I asked the doctor why he said that appendicitis Acute appendicitis is basically rest and irregular eating late at night, I always clip the movie or whatever it is here reminds everyone that the body should think health is the most important should make sure to get good rest and sleep late at night Yes in surgery you have to worry about the surgery you are having here tonight we are not doing it on a video call I am just recording a vlog you can play it call your family together we can discuss the good, of course I can call my husband and then discuss what the doctor said The three people I want to highly recommend Having the surgery and I'm very afraid I was afraid of the surgery and my husband means that, or do you benefit from it, he said that the healing is still relatively young and a little faster Hello, everyone you see crying right before the surgery to prepare the nurses on the infusion of the blood test that she would also like to bring a new crown swab From the virus a very fine cotton swab from the nose and then insert it very deep and very uncomfortable to do it here get another side very uncomfortable and I just came to the doctor and took the blood pressure, listened to the heartbeat and he is now ready to go to the operating room take a gown we see do This slot is a lot of this paper (identity information written) on the back of the wrist, although now I have a stomach ache, but I think I am comfortable, I could have a very legitimate reason to say I don't work (I can't think) We don't We are waiting for my video you may have a friend saying a man in the hospital for surgery nervous or not why don't you let your husband accompany her husband to accompany me if this child is at home how do I do that, in contrast let my husband come with me it gives me some kind of security Which failed a lot to compensate for my anxious child at home, I came out of the operating room to the ward feeling sleepy, voice more, stomach aches, a little pain. I touched three small incisions spread on the abdomen. Three films are also good. I did not imagine it was so painful that she wrapped me very tightly to cover the quilt filled inside. The thermal blanket and the body are very warm I'm fine now it's 12:00 at night I got up to go This is the first time the toilet flushed after getting out of bed, and I feel like the stomach is still a little sore now I should be able to sleep in the morning, and I can just go home To help me check my blood pressure and then I checked my laparotomy You should not leave any needle (which is actually stitches) covered with glue any scars, just measure my blood pressure and help me pull the body of the electrode nurse, her name is Nima (Nima) it is ok I sleep a good night Now the next day at noon the doctor said 11:00 also that more than it seemed so I wake up at noon after walking no problem and then the blood pressure increases some they can go home hello hello how are you feeling feeling there is also a little pain in the wound part of it, is it This is part of the surgery but I recovered well to say how do I feel better? Yesterday is better than the pain is much better than doing it well I just heard you came to say hello in this really thank you Okay okay the things you should know about what I do when I can leave the hospital I just talked to the doctor she's going to give you some antibiotics after The IV fluids are coming out of her very well thanks to the goodness and everything should be fine I'm going to the hospital and also at least 10 minutes for the drip above you can kick my husband now they have daughters his son was waiting for me at the nurse's door in the hospital he put me (in a chair Mobile) and it has just started the nurses came to explain a lot of precautions after the surgery they are such nice people especially he talks in very very detail and his post next week the doctor is very careful and after a week I have to go to surgery in the referral and then he asked for some considerations like this hello everyone today is Day 14 after I had knee surgery without any pain it's actually on the 3rd day after I had the surgery there is no pain I was mostly from a sore throat I think the doctor gave me the anesthesia technique is not very good for the throat when I was intubated there was damage to my throat The seventh day when I had to go to the clinic doctor to review everything normal from the surgery, the doctor told me that the day after the beginning of three weeks normal movement can be restored to all types of exercises I have not had any problems recently I do not do any exercise, I constantly eat a variety of nutritional supplements Nutrient, a lot of fat people say I'm a bit heavy for almost 5kg, but fortunately, it still seems to still be for everyone to look at, so please don't worry too much I'm back

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