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Jumping Jack Weight Loss Workout (10 Mins)

(air whooshing) – In order for us to lose weight through exercise, it's important that we perform cardio vascular routines. I personally am not a huge fan of running, so I love to create fun, simple and effective home workouts, like this one for you today, to help you burn calories. This routine is gonna focus on getting the heart rate up for 30 seconds, then bringing it back down with some toning moves. And jumping jacks are a great way to aid weight loss and work the whole entire body. Trust me, if you enjoy these kind of workouts that I'm sharing with you, then I know that you need to become a member of the Pink Dragon app. Pink Dragon is an app that we've designed to help you achieve your goals in the most simplified and enjoyable way possible. After a lot of research, I've used proven behavioral science techniques to bring you the best app available and include my three pillars to success. Nutrition, short but intense workouts and most importantly mindset. My weekly mindset work is a tool where I share with you my biggest tips and strategies to staying on track and seeing results. From my experience and your feedback, I've made sure that this app is unique by combining my philosophy of less is more. That means making sure that everything is easy for you to use and effective to give you the results. That's why all of the workouts are 15 minutes or less. My research and experience has shown that if you use your time efficiently and effectively, then you will see results. There's also a community included where I am present every single day to motivate you alongside result orientated women. So if you're serious about your health and fitness for 2020, then make sure to click on the link below for more information to become a member today. (air whooshing) Okay guys, who is ready for this exciting jumping jack weight loss workout? I'm so excited to do this with you. So we're gonna be doing 30 seconds jump jacks and then we're gonna be doing 30 seconds with a toning exercise. So first move is just simple jumping jacks. You can go as quick or as slow as you want with this movement but just make sure that you're getting your hands to touch as close as possible, core engaged. (upbeat music) Excellent, next one we're going into is just bringing those knees towards the elbow while you guys are standing. This is gonna help to engage the abs. So just cross-over. So crunch down, crunch down. (upbeat music) Let's go back into those jumping jacks now. Let's get the heart rate elevated. So remember go as quick as you want with this. But ideally we do want to be going as quick as possible. So jump and jump. (upbeat music) Great work guys, let's go straight down to the floor into a plank position. So you wanna keep the core engaged. Keep the back nice and straight and focus on something just in front of you. Hold this pose. (upbeat music) Straight back up guys into those jumping jacks. (upbeat music) That's it, remember to breathe. Exhale every single time you bring those arms up. (upbeat music) Excellent, next move is arm circles. So you just wanna bring your arms forward to begin. Don't drop them keep them nice and straight. (upbeat music) Let's reverse them back now. (upbeat music) Excellent guys, back into those jumping jacks. (upbeat music) Let's keep the core engaged, suck that navel in. And exhale up. ♪ Alone and nearly sleepless at night ♪ ♪ I'm honest ♪ ♪ It's boring one million frozen demons surrounding me ♪ ♪ Picking your fight it's toxic ♪ ♪ You were the best I ever had ♪ ♪ But every second you were screwing me over ♪ ♪ And now I'm ♪ Let's bring it back to the floor now. ♪ Let's target those abs with some bicycles. So for this move, make sure that you're bringing your neck and elbow as close to the knee as possible. And we're lifting the shoulder blade off of the floor. Keep that stomach nice and flat. ♪ I need to be honest ♪ ♪ It was for the better ♪ ♪ Now every day is perfect for a lifelong celebration ♪ ♪ Go ahead and ♪ (upbeat music) (timer beeping) Jump back up guys, straight into those jumping jacks. (upbeat music) ♪ Hey ♪ ♪ Come tonight I'm struggling ♪ ♪ Reminiscing about our good times ♪ ♪ The goodness ♪ Excellent guys, next move is squats. So you want to bring that bum as low as possible. And then as you come up squeeze the glutes in. So go down and squeeze. Great work, down and up. You don't need to rush this move. Go as quickly or as slow as you like. But just make sure the movement is nice and controlled and you can feel it in your bum. ♪ Isn't it iconic ♪ ♪ Standing on the frontline ♪ ♪ Steady going forward without knowing the direction ♪ Excellent back into the jumping jack now guys. Let's get the heart rate back up. ♪ It was for the better ♪ ♪ Now every day's perfect for a lifelong celebration ♪ ♪ Go ahead and ♪ That's it let's pick up the pace now. Go a little bit quicker, let's get that heart rate going. (upbeat music) ♪ Hey ♪ (upbeat music) Excellent, let's come down into another plank position guys. And all you're gonna do is step the feet out, alternating. So step back, step back. With this move make sure the abs are engaged. You're keeping your back nice and straight again. And you're in a high plank position. ♪ For a lifelong celebration ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ ♪ Oh oh ♪ That's it keep going. ♪ Everybody can you feel the groove ♪ That's it guys jump back up, let's go back into those jumping jacks. ♪ Everybody can you feel the groove ♪ ♪ Grab somebody let it go ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ Grab somebody ♪ ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ Grab somebody ♪ ♪ Be be be be ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ (upbeat music) For the next move all you're gonna do is some simple punches straight in front of you. If you wanna get your feet involved, like I'm doing, you're absolutely welcome to. I just find that this is number one, easier. I get into more of a rhythm and I feel like it targets my abs a bit more. So make sure that you're punching as hard as you can. Keep those fists nice and tight. (upbeat music) That's it lets pick up the pace more. (upbeat music) Excellent back into the jumping jack now guys. Jump up down, up, down, that's it. ♪ You got me feeling ♪ Don't worry we've not got long left, you're doing so well. You're more than half way through. ♪ I'm around you baby ♪ ♪ You make me feel so alive ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Everybody ♪ ♪ Grab somebody ♪ For the next move guys, you're gonna be doing moving side lunges. So, basically what we're gonna do is not take a break. We're just gonna move from side to side straight away. Make sure you're going as low as possible with that lunge. And you're squeezing the legs and you're squeezing the glutes. (upbeat music) So down, up, and down again. That's it keep that momentum going. Keep that rhythm. (upbeat music) Excellent work guys, let's go back into those jumping jacks. Let's pick up the pace a little bit more. You've only got two more exercises left. ♪ Ooh ♪ ♪ Everybody can you feel the groove ♪ ♪ You make me feel so alive ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ Everybody ♪ Ex

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