Morning Cardio Workout at Home for Beginners

(whoosh) – In Today's video, we are doing a morning cardio workout at home, no equipment. So make sure to have some water nearby. This is the perfect workout to do, as it is Halloween, and I know so many of us want to tuck into some sweets. If you also wanna know the best diet and training program for you, then don't forget to check out the quiz below. (mellow electronic music) Okay guys, I hope you are ready for this. It's gonna be 20 seconds on, 10 second rest, total 10 minutes. So the first move that you are going to be going into is single star jumps. So I want you to alternate between lifting those arms, cross those feet, and go as fast as you can. We really wanna get the heart rate goin' here on the first move. (upbeat music) Remember to breathe. – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, 10 second rest before we repeat that all over again. Let's go guys, you know what to do. Pick up the pace, keep that core sucked in, and engaged. Think about all those sweets you're gonna be having for Halloween. That's it, go, go, go! Excellent guys. The next thing we're going into is basketball jumps. All you're gonna do is go into a squat, jump up, and imagine that you're throwing a ball into the hoop. – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Jump, go, that's it. Jump down, push up. Everybody, we need to use some force here guys and really jump as high as you can, and make sure to bring those hands above your head. This is gonna really help to burn out those thighs. It's also gonna help to burn calories and get the heart rate up. (phone dinging) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, 10 second rest. And guess what, you're doin' it all over again. (phone dinging) Positions, guys. And go. – [Phone] Exercise – [Holly] Come on, you can jump higher than that. Let's go, really use those legs to give you some force up in the air. (phone dinging) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, te next move you're going in to is inchworm. So facing me, you're gonna go out into a plank and come back up as fast as you can. (phone beeping) So get into position. Let's go, walk down, hold. Back up, squeeze those glutes. Keep that core really sucked in and engaged. Don't let it hang out, guys. Let's go, tighten up the core. Back, squeeze the glutes. You can go faster than that, come on. – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, 10 second rest before we do it again. (phone beeping) Let's go guys, down, hold. Back, and up, let's go. Down, forward, back, and up. That's it. Let's go faster, come on. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent work guys. The next thing you're going into is a plank and you're gonna be doing leg side taps out, alternating between each one. (phone beeping) So let's go down and tap out. – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Other leg, out, other leg. Keep that core engaged, keep the naval sucked into the spine. Exhale every single time you tap that foot out. (exhaling) (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, come down to your knees. 10 second rest, we're doing it again. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] And up guys, let's go. Tap, tap, tap, tap, come one. Pick up the pace. Make sure to breathe, do not hold your breath, guys. Come on. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Phew, well done. 10 second rest before we're going into tricep dips. So if you want you can go against something like the sofa or you can just do what I'm doing and lift yourself up and down. Make sure that you don't touch the floor at all you just want your bum to slightly touch the floor and come back up. This is gonna really help to engage those triceps and burn them. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] 10 second rest guys, before you repeat that again. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Let's go. Down, up, down, up, squeeze those triceps as you come up. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent job guys. And the next thing we're going into is a single deadlift with a jump. So all you're gonna do is stand on one leg, kick it back, nice and slowly, and then bring it forward and jump. So down and up. So make sure you do like a little hop with your leg as you bring that knee up towards the chest. Concentrate, go as fast as you can, but make sure you're really keeping that leg controlled. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, breathe 10 seconds before we switch over to the other leg. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Let's go. So keep the legs back and jump. Back and jump. Keep going guys, that's great. Jump as high as you can and as quick as you can. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent job. The next we'll be going into is side lunges. So face me and you're just going to be staying on one leg. So let's go. – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Lunge the side, and up. Side and up. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] 10 second rest here, before we repeat again on the other leg. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] Let's go, lunge down, and up. Down and up, fantastic work guys. Keep going. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, 10 second breather before you're going into butt kicks. Now we all know how to do these. Run as fast as you can and get those feet to smack your bum. – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] That's it, guys. So run as fast as we can, get those feet touching the bum. Keep that naval sucked in, breathe. Come on, let's pick up the pace. This is grueling cardio, come on. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] Excellent, 10 second break before we do that again. (phone beeping) – [Phone] Exercise. – [Holly] And go, that's it. Run as fast as you can, come on. I know you've got it in you. Excellent job guys. For the next move you're gonna be on the floor. And we're just gonna be doing some bicycle crunches. So you all know how to do this. Let's go. So all I need you to do is get those elbows to touch the opposite knee. Twist the body, keep that core engaged, sucked in. Let's go as fast as we can. (phone beeping) Excellent job, guys. We're gonna repeat that all over again. And we've only got one more move left. (phone beeping) Let's go guys, cross those legs over. Come on, kick them out, toes pointed. – [Phone] Rest. – [Holly] And now for your final move, you're gonna be doing some classic sit-ups. (phone beeping) Let's go, squeeze down lift up. Exhale, inhale, roll down. That's it guys. Keep going. You've only got 20 seconds. 10 second break guys, and then you got your final one left. So get ready for this, really push it on the final exercise. Go! So down, up, squeeze, that's it. And that is it guys. And well done for completing the morning cardio workout at home. So if you liked this video, then don't forget to hit the subscribe button. Just click on the button below. And if you wanna know the best diet and training program for you, then check out the quiz below. Now I wanna turn it over to you. What did you think of this 10 minute morning cardio workout? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat dance music

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