Pilates For Beginners

hey everyone I'm your trainer for today Rebecca Louise and I'm gonna be taking you through your Monday's Pilates workout today on X hip so let's begin let's take it down to the floor I just want you to lie flat on your back when you take the legs into the air bring your shoulders off the ground and we're just going to pulse up and down like this I will do this for 45 seconds okay now we're going to make it harder we're going to drop our legs down gently to the floor keep pulsing those arms and then bring your legs back up keep those legs nice and straight keep pulsing those arms taking it down nice and slowly engage that core and bringing it back up and let's take it down again you got 20 seconds left that's it just bringing those shoulders off the floor and bring those legs back up keep them nice and straight ten seconds that's it taking it down for the last time nice and slow and then controlled back up okay excellent starts now we're going to take it onto our side only to get into the plank position and we're just going to extend one arm up to the ceiling now we're just going to lift one leg up at a time we're going to thirty seconds on each side keeping that leg nice and straight pulling this muscle here working our obliques let's it keep that core secure for stability and just extend that leg up and taking it down ten seconds that's it make sure you're breathing guys four three two one okay gently down let's take it on to the other side into that plank position arm up and let's extend one leg up that's it pull in this muscle here really think about engaging those oblique muscles now nice and slowly we want control keep it going guys excellent start how does it keep that leg extended keeping it straight five four three two one and gently down okay so walking back on to the other side we're going to be in a similar position so taking it up we're just going to dip our hip down and then taking it back up again 30 seconds on each side six then that arm all the way to the top drop that hip down that's it you want to bring the hip down almost to it touches the floor but you try keeping an inch or two above ten seconds we're going to swap onto the other side in three two one gently bringing it down let's take it over so arm up and just drop that hit to the floor as you come down your knees are gonna Bend slightly and as you come up your legs are going to extend great job guys come on keep it up that's it breathing ten seconds to go sit bend those knees slightly and extend for the last time and bring it back down okay we're working our abs again here we're just going to do a V hold okay so exactly what says in the title so holding your legs up you want your body in a V I'm just going to hold here for 30 seconds I can stare at my socks they're making me gauge we're getting heart shapes everywhere like fancy socks from England okay hold it here relax those shoulders down this is a great exercise you can do just in between adverts when you're watching your favorite TV program just jump off your sofa sit on the floor and hold for another three two one okay now take your back down onto the floor we're going to power arms out to the sides just to grip onto the floor and we're going to extend one leg up and then bring ourselves up into a bridge taking it down gently and then alternating to the other leg we've got 45 seconds okay so bring it up together squeeze those glutes as you get to the top and gently down let's extend the leg up come into the bridge nice and high squeeze those glutes and back down that's it just alternating each leg each time this is a nice gentle movement so take your time 20 seconds come on let's get a few more in so will you fall to the ceiling and extend that leg out come up hold those glutes then let's give me one more on each leg pull up and down and in the last one squeeze and bringing it down okay I want you to stay in this position and we're just going to pull our legs up off the floor and we're just going to roll gently to each side 45 seconds okay so keep those legs 45 degree angle engage this core muscle and breathe so inhale and then exhale on the movement keep it going help it keep those tummy pulled in legs at 45 degrees nice and gently 20 seconds to go come on keep going all the way through now I want you just to be really careful as you come down to the floor I taught you to be an inch or two off I don't want you to slam down on the floor – real slow and controlled movement okay take it down one more time and bring it back up now gently coming up to sitting and I want you're just going to stretch out our audience for a moment so I want you to wide your legs and it's called the saw okay so just think about is the same sort of movement we're just going to power our arms out to the side and we're just going to stretch this way I'm just going to hold it here for a few minutes so a few seconds a few minutes is a long time and it's swap over to the other side so you really are just stretching out the underneath of your leg you're going to feel it in your quads too let's take it one more time to the left and each time you'll be able to feel that even we had to get down a little bit more I mean I'm not overly flexible my hamstrings are pretty tight but you can see each time I'm doing it I'm getting a little bit low and it's just going to really improve our flexibility okay great now I'm going to take it back down to this position so lying down on your legs out nice and straight your arms will be over your head I'm going to be 45 seconds of pulling ourselves up and then stretching over so again when cooperating with stretch this handsome straight and we're just going to extend up and then taking it down nice and gently okay just got 45 seconds lift up and then vertebrae by vertebrae taking it down really open if you work in those ab muscles slowly you do it the more of an impact it's going to have so nice and gently will support that lower back to keep it going that's it you can see that each one I'm doing I'm getting lower and lower onto my legs flexibility is improving ten seconds and the last time it's rollback nice and gently okay excellent job now I want you to come onto your front and we do what we like to plank we've done these before and we're just going to extend one leg out and then arm at the time okay so just stretching out and bring it back you've got 30 seconds maybe they do these nice and controlled actually keep breathing keep that tummy engaged so we want to keep our back as flat as we can we don't want to arch it you want to wring out like this want to keep it nice and flat okay keep it going guys ten seconds give me one more okay and release bringing those knees down okay we're going to do our last exercise so we're just going to stretch out our body it is really important when we are doing any sort of exercising especially with Pilates so I just want you to take it down into Child's Pose just going to stretch out that back we jus

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