– Hey guys, in today's video, I'm gonna show you how to get a round booty and toned legs. If you guys wanna know the best nutrition and training program for you, then don't forget to also check out the quiz below in the description box. (chill music) Okay guys, let's now come down into the leg section. So the first one is some simple squats. – [Machine] Exercise. – [Holly] You want your knees to come down as low as you can and come back up and squeeze those glutes. We're doing this for 20 reps in total. Make sure to keep that core engaged, starting at the knee, going to the spine. Imagine that you're sitting back in a chair and come up and squeeze those bum muscles. (upbeat music) Very well, guys, now let's go into plie squats. I want you to just come into a sumo-like position, keep that bum nice and straight, come down and back up. Make sure you squeeze that bum on the way up and engage those leg muscles. That's it, keep going. Down and up. Beautiful, now let's come down onto the floor, lay straight in our backs. Let's go into bridges. So all you wanna do is imagine that you're walking so you just wanna march, bring those legs up, keep that glute engaged the entire time with your hips up. Just alternate lifting those knees. Make sure that naval is sucked into the spine. And keep going, keep lifting. Beautiful work, come down, and let's now go onto all fours for the next section of the workout. So for the first few that you are gonna be doing, you're gonna be in an all four position, and we're gonna have to work the glutes here. So all I need you to do is drive that knee towards the chest, keep it straight back out. You wanna lift that leg as high as possible. Make sure to exhale as you bring the knee in, inhale as the leg goes out. We're doing 20 reps per side. So in and up, in and up. (upbeat music) Great work, guys, now what I want you to do is bring that knee out to the side and then kick it back in a diagonal. So knee touch the floor, kick up, knee touch the floor, kick up. And we're doing 20 of these. Down, kick up, really think about lifting high, engaging the glute muscles. Great work, guys. Now for the next one what I want you to do is kick out to the side with a straight leg. As you do, bring that arm down, it's gonna allow the legs to get higher and engage the side of the glutes. So kick it up, down. Kick it up, down. Make sure to do this arm movement, like I said, it's gonna allow you to really get into the muscles of the side of the glutes. Keep that naval sucked in. Out and back. Now keep that leg there and I want you to kick it behind you to the side. Behind you, to the side. When it goes behind you, you want it at a slight diagonal. Do not drop that leg, keep it up the entire time, you want it about your hip length as well. This is an absolute pudder for those guys and those glute muscles. Keep going. (upbeat music) Excellent job, guys. And now I want you to come to a slight side position arms out in front and I want you to bring your body and your knees round. All you need to do is keep those legs straight up the side, this is gonna really help get into your hips and around your love handle area. Now keep going, keep that leg straight out, bring it back to the knees. Stretch out, guys, and now let's repeat that all on the other side. (upbeat music) – [Machine] Exercise. (upbeat music) Exercise. Exercise. – So if you guys liked this round booty and tone leg workout, then don't forget to hit the Subscribe button. Just click on the button below. And don't forget to check out the quiz below to find out the best nutrition and training program for you. Now I wanna turn it over to you guys, which part of this workout did you prefer the most? Did you like the standing element or the seated element? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat music)

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