Slim Calves Workout l 100% worked Straight & Sexy Legs

you have a muscular cuff and you searched online to look for some exercise to slim your coughs and then you found this [Music] girls this is completely wrong how do i know it because i've been there done that never going back again i used to run a lot and i do have my skillet cough so that's what i did i followed the exercise and i hope my coughs are getting slimmer it's not getting slimmer but it's even getting bigger and stronger so with the bloody lessons that i've learned this is how you slim your cups by the way i do have some tips on how to slim your curves so stay to the end to watch it first we have to do some stretches together [Music] okay let's start with the downward facing dog [Music] give yourself a little step just use your heels to touch the ground 30 seconds let's go [Music] okay remain the same position and lift your right leg up in the air we stay here for 15 seconds so try to meet your chest towards the floor and point the toes towards the sky [Music] okay it's time to switch to the left [Music] don't squeeze up your shoulders use your hand to push up to the sky okay now back to the right 15 seconds let's go [Music] hang in there come on [Music] okay this is the last time lift your left leg up for 15 seconds [Music] this will not only stretch the back of your leg but also give you a nice booty [Music] okay so come down take a rest if you want to if not turn yourself into a spine position [Music] this one is easy just point the toes and flats point the toes and flat let's do the right leg first [Music] [Music] okay switch to the left [Music] okay back to the right leg and circle to the left [Music] now circle to the right [Music] [Music] switch legs and circle to the left [Music] [Music] now circle to the right [Music] feeling a little bit sore just give yourself a massage from the angle to your knees so don't be too gentle on this one do give yourself a little pressure into your legs [Music] don't forget your other leg [Music] so [Music] okay so now try to use your hand grabbing your both feet and strengthen your legs if you can't do it completely normal that means your legs are longer than me so grab a towel or grab a strap to help with it [Music] okay come up to your knees step your left leg out and then push back pointed toes strengthen your legs you will definitely feel the stretch of your cough [Music] uh now let's do the same thing to the right [Music] now sit on the floor lift yourself up a little bit just to sit on your tailbone we've done this before inhale lengthen your spine exhale grabbing your feet we do it three times inhale exhale inhale exhale keep your spine straight [Music] inhale exhale and we hold here for four breaths [Music] slowly walk yourself back up we are done thank you so much for watching and i do have some tips on how to sleep your calves tips number one do work on your hips and your thighs so that you will use less of your cough muscles tips number two lift your legs up in the air or against the wall so one of the reason why you have muscular cough is because of the poor blood circulation from standing or sitting all day so lifting your legs can make your blood circulate back and you will definitely see your legs getting slimmer you can even do it while watching netflix and chill i mean chill alone like generally like just chill okay you know what i mean tips number three while you're walking or stepping on stairs do make sure that you step with your whole feet so never just the tip of it i also have one more tips this super easy trick you just need a wall so this position will help you to stretch the back of your leg and remember to switch side anyway i hope you guys like it i'll see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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