Toned Inner Thighs! – Summer Shape Up Challenge

[Music] [Music] okay guys this is a thigh workout so to begin i want you to do a curtsy lunge and then i want you to come up and kick to the side so this is going to be a slower pace exercise but it helps to really get into those thighs so when you go into the curtsy lines i want you to make sure your core's nice and tight you're keeping those hips facing forward coming down and kicking out to the side now if you feel like you can't actually do the kick don't worry you can just do a step out to the side and then come back down again beautiful work [Music] if your leg can't even go that high don't even worry it's okay this is about going at your pace challenging yourself but not overdoing it okay we want to be safe bring it down kick out one last time boom all right so we're going to do that now on the other side so same cue same position just the other leg okay so hips forward come down kick it up remember like i said if you can't go that far you're welcome just to step out even if you can only kick to here that's fine keep that core nice and tight as you come up and kick hands on the hips or in front of you whatever feels good coming back hips facing forward feeling the burn in those thighs not long left now a few seconds down okay next thing that we're going to be doing is inner thigh pulse so i want your legs to be further than hip width apart toes pointing out in a diagonal i'm just going to come down and up down and up and if you want to keep it here just keep it here for the pulses it's whatever you feel most comfortable with it's 50 seconds pulse it in and out smile through neck nice and long chest open ribs in core engaged pelvic floor in and just bounce up and down it's going to help to really burn out those thighs [Music] keep it going guys next one we're going onto the floor just give you a heads up [Music] whoosh all right so next one is you're gonna be on the floor be going into bridges so hands to the floor tuck in that pelvic floor bring it up open close and bring it down lift it up open close bring it down [Music] so we're going to pick up the paste a little bit here this you're going to have to fill of course in the glutes but you're going to be feeling this in the outer thighs and the inner thighs targeting all over that's it really squeeze the glutes at the top keep that core sucked in [Music] excellent okay so for the next position you're going to be in a crab position position position position okay so you're going to come up bum off of the floor you're going to lift one leg over you're going to cross the leg and then you're going to kick out to the side cross and kick now this one is a challenge because of course you are targeting every muscle by holding your entire body up so if you need a modification for this you're welcome to just come down and kick it's going to be working the thighs the same way it's just an extra challenge for those that want one but it's a great move here cross and kick cross and kick fantastic keep breathing keep that core engaged [Music] excellent now you're going to repeat the same thing on the other side so again remember if you need that modification stay in this position core engaged make sure you're not flopping you're keeping up right so let's come up into the crab position cross the leg and kick cross the leg kick great work guys keep that core sucked in i don't want you to not think about it the core here is going to help you with stability okay so you really want to make sure you're engaging it sucking it in using it for balance nearly halfway keep it kicking toes nice and pointed make sure you're not rocking out like this either i want you to make sure you're keeping those hips nice and stable if that means you can only kick your leg out a little bit of the way like here it's totally fine don't stress about how far the leg goes [Music] excellent okay now for the next one we're going to be doing inner thighs so inner thigh lift i want you to come facing me at the side make sure that you have a gap here in between and i just want you to lift the bottom leg up and down toes pointed you should really feel your legs here again don't flop down keep that that's it up and down up and down excellent work this really begins to burn after a while you're halfway though which is amazing let's keep going [Music] keep going 10 seconds breathe keep that core contracted [Music] oh lower it there and then what we're going to do is whatever's comfortable for you i'm going to place this foot in front for me because the leg is going to have to be straight we're going to lift that bottom leg up and we're going to kick it back forward back and forth you're just almost swinging it making sure that you're hovering the leg above the floor and trust me this is really going to get into those inner thighs there you're going to feel the burn [Music] keep that core engaged [Music] so keep swinging the leg i know this is a killer [Music] amazing okay let's do the same two exercises on the other leg now so same thing same cues first is just there nice lift keep a gap here on the floor and lift it up and down if you want to put your hand on your hips or if it feels more comfortable with your hands in front that's absolutely fine shift that leg up and down [Music] [Music] fantastic work guys not long ah okay drop that leg now remember you can put your leg in front or behind whatever's more comfortable for you and remember we're just gonna lift that leg off the floor so it's hovering and it's gonna swing back and forth so let's go try not to rock your entire body you just want to keep the top of your body completely still on your hips and you're just moving that leg back and forth it's a very small slight movement but it gets into those inner thighs [Music] beautiful keep going [Music] nearly there got 10 seconds [Music] that's it guys well done so guys that's the end of the workout if you enjoyed this don't forget to hit the like button also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and i hope you guys are enjoying this free 30-day challenge if you are do not forget to join the free community that i have given you guys access to that gives you access to me personally so you can ask me anything that you like we're a community full of amazing people where we're going to be inspiring motivating and supporting one another sharing our top tips hacks recipes nutrition you name it we're all going to be doing it inside this app so make sure you join now for free in the description box below

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