Toned Leg Workout at Home (15 Mins)

– Hey guys, so as many of you know, especially if you've watched my latest video, I gained weight. If you haven't, I highly suggest checking it out. You can see that I struggle with my legs. It is the number one area that all of my weight goes to, and I really do like to work hard at making my legs the way they are. So today, I wanna show you the exact routine that I use to help tone up and slim my legs. It's only 15 minutes, no equipment required. So let's get straight into it. (upbeat music) Okay guys, welcome to your 15-minute leg workout. So for each exercise, you're doing 50 seconds on. The first exercise that we're going into is a squat position with alternating heel raises. So make sure when you're in this squat position, you're down as low as you can. Make sure to squeeze the glutes in and just lift one heel off of the floor at a time. That's it guys, make sure to keep that core engaged. Suck that navel into the spine. Although we're working those legs, we do wanna make sure we incorporate our full body. Let's lift the other heel straight up now. Remember to keep it nice and controlled. (timer beeping) – Rest. – Fantastic job, guys. The next move that you're gonna go into is curtsy lunges. So what you wanna do is you just wanna imagine that you're curtsying to the queen, bring that leg back as far down as you can with the knee and bring it back up to the same position. So we're working the same leg for 25 seconds. So down and up. Great job, guys. Let's switch on over to the other leg. So you wanna come up and down. Make sure to bring that knee behind the other leg. Keep that core nice and engaged. Squeeze those legs and glutes (timer beeping) as you come to the top. – Rest. – Fantastic work, guys. Now for the next move, what we're gonna be doing is you're gonna be standing on one leg, bouncing, and you're gonna lift one leg up to the side and kick it straight back. – Exercise. – [Holly] Now this move has to be nice and controlled. If you need to focus on something on the floor to balance, just look at either the floor or something in front of you. So you wanna bring the leg up to the side, kick it straight behind you, bring it back to the side and down. Great work, guys. Keep going. Nice and controlled and slow. Go at your own pace here. (timer beeping) – Rest. – Great work. Let's rest here for 10 seconds before we go to the same exercise on the other side of the leg. (timer beeping) So let's get into position. Lift it up, back, to the side, and down. Up, to the back, to the side, and down, that's it. Keep the balance, guys. Up, to the back, to the side, and down. ♪ You don't want me ♪ – [Holly] Keep that core contracted. Use that as your stabilization. ♪ You know I try to hold on ♪ ♪ To where there's no you ♪ ♪ I can't stand up ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I'm not a kind of girl ♪ – [Holly] Excellent job, guys. 10-second rest before we go into the next exercise. ♪ We're not living in a frame and this is ♪ – [Holly] So for your next one, all I want you to do is have those legs slightly bent, and you just wanna kick that leg to the back and in, back and in. Again, this move is nice and slow and controlled. You wanna kick it back, and as you kick it back, squeeze those glutes and those thighs. ♪ Press circle and run ♪ ♪ Press circle and run ♪ – [Holly] Yeah, keep going and in. Kick back and in. ♪ Running around in circles ♪ ♪ Always stuck in the same rooms and places ♪ ♪ Like swimming underwater ♪ ♪ But you control my heart with spells so ♪ ♪ I can't stand up ♪ – Rest. – Great job, guys. 10-second rest before we repeat that move on the other leg. ♪ World ♪ ♪ Can't push setup ♪ ♪ We're not living in a ♪ – [Holly] And kick back and in. Back and in. ♪ Press circle and run ♪ ♪ Press circle and run ♪ – [Holly] Keep that navel sucked in. You don't wanna let the stomach hang. ♪ Press circle and run ♪ – [Holly] Squeeze the thighs. ♪ Press circle and run ♪ – [Holly] Nice and controlled here, guys. ♪ You taste bittersweet ♪ ♪ I know you're concrete ♪ ♪ Press circle and run ♪ ♪ Ooh hoo hoo ♪ ♪ Press circle and run ♪ ♪ Ooh hoo hoo ♪ ♪ Press circle and run ♪ ♪ I feel your heartbeat ♪ (timer beeping) – That's it, keep smiling. ♪ Press circle and run ♪ – [Holly] Excellent job, guys. So for the next step, what we're gonna be doing is standing side leg raises. (timer beeping) So I want you to be facing me, hands on hips, and all you're gonna do is kick your leg to the side, and when you bring it back, flex the foot. So kick it out, toes pointed, bring it back in with the foot flexed. Again, this is a slow movement, but if you do it nice and controlled, you really are gonna feel the tension and your muscles working in your thighs. So kick it out. That's it, remember to exhale as you bring that leg down. So breathe in and out, in and out. (timer beeping) Fantastic, guys. And now we're gonna repeat that again on the other leg. (timer beeping) Set positions and kick and back. That's it, guys, keep going. Again, keep that navel contracted. (time beeping) So keep going. – Rest. – Fantastic work, guys. Let's bring that right onto the floor now for the next move. (timer beeping) So for this next move, you wanna come up into a crab-like position. With one leg, all you're gonna do is cross over the knee and then kick it out to the side. So cross over, kick back. Cross over, kick back. Now with this move, I want you to go as fast as you can, but make sure that you are controlling each rep. There is a lot of muscles here working in this one move, but trust me, it really gets the toughness in those legs. Cross over, kick out, great work. Just take your 10-second rest here guys. (timer beeping) Let's bring it up into the other leg. Same move, so cross over, kick out to the side. Remember to keep that toe nice and pointed. Go as fast as you can. Do it at your own pace. (timer beeping) – Rest. – Okay guys. So what I want you to do is lay on your side and I want you facing me for the first move. (timer beeping) We're gonna do the next three exercises on one leg before we switch over to the other. So for the first move, what I want you to do is kick your leg forward, bounce it up once, and kick it straight behind you. So kick it up, kick it back behind you. Kick it forward, bounce. So keep going, guys. Nice and controlled, keep that toe pointed, navel sucked in. (timer beeping) – Rest. – Great work, guys. 10-second rest here. For the next move, (timer beeping) I want you to bring that knee towards your chest, and then I want you to kick it straight back in a high diagonal. So kick it in and then out. In and out. Again, keep that toe nice and pointed. This move is very nice and controlled. You wanna bring it into the chest and then kick it up in a diagonal. Again, make sure that navel's sucked in. You really wanna make sure your whole body is involved here. (timer beeping) – Rest. – Excellent job, guys. And then we have one more move before go onto the other side. (timer beeping) And for the next move, all I want y

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