Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend’s Outfits! Shopping Challenge (Dresslily Haul)

yeah and today we're going to do today we're going to do an outfit haul this time we're partnering with a new brand called just Lindy but the special thing about this video is that we attention the special thing is I'm choosing the outfits this time I actually asked you guys what videos you want to see on my channel and some of you suggested this so I thought a picker chance it's okay I have impeccable taste so there's no problem she's naughty I haven't opened about us saving it for this video but I couldn't help but to take a look at one piece just to see what he pictures not supposed to open but I really listened and I liked it she took this is the first one I never have something like this it's against the rules but I look cute it reminded me of one of the videos before she was in a toro onesie short sexy Totoro victim sexy culturally similar oh wow well your friend you gotta tie it up and I think this goes onto your boobs and then whoops like this geeky they love me in the way this one is a bit too low-cut here I think you'll be fine on the beach if I wear bikini the boobs are popping out guys but otherwise I like it x-rated they like it I love it or if I wear something inside like that it can be better this you become incoming for the small purchase you manage to pick quite a lot I am good at finding the feels this website is very affordable as well just like all my other follow you guys out there would like to buy a lot of stuff for cheap prices good websites thank you also jumpsuit this one is even more dumpy we got a new pic bean bag guys it's great for lounging oh it's pretty I like it so far this one the best so a muscles other person what is this for your Beach your Beach where it's really just if I go it's a Sarang Sarang I wish it on the beach apologize you know became put around the waist since we got an upcoming trip later to go to Fiji so I thought it would be very stylish and really look pretty and if you're cold it can be also used as a scarf very classy classic look but you can also wear like this I think it would go better with a white one [Applause] I'm the one doing the introducing this one is what I like to call it is also your bipolar this one is called table clock it can be used as a shawl when you have any lamb erosive vent he's cold and then she's boom yes and I think I need a fall a bit of ash fall to save me from the air conditioning no that's cool I'm pretty I think doesn't look so much like a tablecloth can be pretty photos bikini shot with this this pregnant three whoa that's for only me guys keep it PG I realize now that we both of this angle is harder to sit up straight so straight there was some technical difficulties in China this is hot I was just in a very jumpsuit mode you know I was like this chick loves jumpsuits I'm gonna get her a bunch of jumpsuits I do like white I thought it would be nice and Fiji as well you know get on the beach you know with the sunset in the candles yeah nice for vacation incoming can be cute one piece see I do love these jumpsuits oh the same kind oh not just this thing it's the zip tie by one Kiki dig it up Spa is so annoying Oh Oh going down the mines alright they have worked you don't think it's cute the cute guys pretty hey it's your pick oh nice I like it yeah whoa hey Wow fluorescent this girl doesn't have enough colors yeah emo at the moment grey love me okay try try try try try it's to make sure that that make time she doesn't get hit by cars the fluorescent orange makes her very visible incoming this is for when you go to the Imperial my god look at these pearls double classy double elegant a boat going to the ball to the palace I think it's quite nice for winter incoming oh when we go see the pandas in Chengdu oh yeah he's cold thank you that's kind of funny as well this is nice this is very warm warm for the winter I like it thank you very cute okay this one is a great success with like boots did good there she likes it doesn't okay guys I hope you like my selection that's know in the comments what you think out of ten I think I got five out of seven it's a mean well see you guys – Boyfriend Buys Girlfriend's Outfits! Shopping Challenge (Dresslily Haul)

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